In the TPE | key elements of thermoplastic elastomer smells great

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Odorless TPE refers to normal temperature conditions. In high temperature molding, due to the volatilization of softened oil components and the odor released by other components, TPE materials may have a large odor, which is normal odor, and the vast majority of polymer plastics have odor at high temperature.After the material processing of the finished product after cooling, small molecule substances volatilized, the smell will slowly become smaller.So what are the elements of the odor of thermoplastic elastomers?The following is the introduction of China Plastic TPE.The main elements of thermoplastic elastomer smell are as follows: 1, the quality of oil, hydrogenation degree, etc., the taste size of oil itself is different.Good softening oil taste small, residual oil, taste heavier, and even a light diesel flavor.Odorless thermoplastic elastomers, high quality oil should be selected as softener of mixing system.2, the components of thermoplastic elastomer is a softening oil, softening oil belongs to low molecular substances, in processing or at higher temperature conditions simple evaporation release small molecular substances, simple lead to the release of large odor material.The odor of low hardness (0~30A) thermoplastic elastomers is larger than that of high hardness (70~100A), and the hardness of odorless thermoplastic elastomers is generally higher.3, the selection of other components of the mixing system, other components should be selected as far as possible with small taste and small smell, such as the selection of plastic resin, the selection of additives and so on, all aspects should be taken into account.We may all know that TPE wires may be based on mobile phone USB data lines. In the face of this special customer group, mobile phone manufacturers have a strict requirement for the manufacturers of data lines, that is, there can be no smell attached to the wire.