Sheng Mei Shanghai fell 3.03% to a new low of nearly 1.7 billion yuan, two brokerages earned 174 million yuan

2022-06-09 0 By

China Economic Network, Beijing, January 28 — Sheng Mei Shanghai ( shares fell today, trading as low as 93.80 yuan, a new low since the listing.As of today’s close, Sheng Mei Shanghai reported 95.35 yuan, down 3.03%, the turnover of 44.4253 million yuan, amplitude 6.61%, turnover rate 1.38%, the total market value of 41.340 billion yuan.On November 18, 2021, Shengmei Shanghai went public on the Science and Technology Development Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and issued 43.3558 million shares, accounting for 10.00% of the total share capital after issuance. The issue price was 85.00 yuan/share. The sponsor (lead underwriter) was Haitong Securities Co., LTD., and the sponsor representatives were Zhang Bowen and Li Ling.The co-lead underwriter is China International Capital Corporation limited.The total amount of funds raised by Semei Shanghai was RMB 3.685 billion, and the net amount of funds raised after deducting issuing fees was RMB 3.481 billion.The company ended up raising 1.681 billion yuan more than originally planned.According to the prospectus disclosed by Semmei Shanghai, it intends to raise 1.80 billion yuan, which will be used for its semiconductor equipment RESEARCH and manufacturing center, its high-end semiconductor equipment research and development project and supplementary working capital.Shengmei Shanghai’s total fees for this issue are 204 million yuan, while Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. and China International Capital Co., Ltd. obtained sponsorship and underwriting fees of 174 million yuan.Source: China Economic Net