A quarter of the world’s population is infected with pathogenic bacteria.Sneezing can be a trick!Don’t get TB yet

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Several more patients have been admitted to our hospital recently.They were the second most infectious disease.Around the world, about one in four people are infected with pathogenic bacteria.The World Health Organization reports that one million people die every year from this infectious disease.In our country?The number of active and latent infections exceeds 350 million.And such a large group of latent infection, if not treated, 1/10 of them will become a new source of infection!What the hell is this?In fact, this is what many people are familiar with.Up to now, there are 900,000 new CASES of TB in China every year.If we eat together, it could get infected!Can you get TB if you eat at the same table?Some people’s understanding of tuberculosis is still in the last century, always feel that there should be no infected people around him now.Or they’re curious about someone at work who’s been diagnosed with TB.Why did I see him at work again?Isn’t it contagious?First of all, the main source of infection that needs to be made clear is tuberculosis — open tuberculosis.In this case, tuberculosis is mainly diagnosed in the lungs, and the bacteria will spread to the air with breathing.But there is one type of TB that is not contagious.This is because tuberculosis is found in bones, lymph nodes, and the gastrointestinal tract, but not in the lungs.In this way, the pathogenic bacteria stay in the body and cannot spread to the surrounding environment.For instance the patient of bone tuberculosis, the instrument that uses in their operation treatment becomes a source of infection possibly so on.And the patient of gastrointestinal tuberculosis, it is the vomit that infects with oneself.Who is vulnerable to infection?People who are not vaccinated do not develop specific immunity to TB.When healthy, people can get infected by coming into contact with pathogenic bacteria.When their own immunity is weakened, pathogenic bacteria like to build a “primary focus” in the intestinal wall.In addition, people with compromised immune systems are also more susceptible to infection.People with diabetes, people with HIV.If you happen to have a stomach removed, you are also at high risk for infection.Can you get infected if you eat at the same table?The answer is, maybe!Active TB patients may expel bacteria into the environment.If you’re sitting at a table, you’re more likely to spread droplets or saliva.Delimit key point: if tuberculosis has been diagnosed previously, it has been completely cured at present, and there is no activity, the risk of eating at the same table is relatively low.However, ordinary people with low immunity should pay more attention to hygiene when eating out, and try to make serving chopsticks and separate meals.What symptom, be tuberculosis early warning?The early symptoms of tuberculosis are very subtle.Some people don’t even cough or spit at all!It’s probably a low grade fever, no appetite.For most people, symptoms should include coughing, coughing up blood, chest tightness and shortness of breath.Night sweats, fatigue, wasting away, and an unexplained low fever in the afternoon are also symptoms.If you have coughed or expectorated sputum for more than three weeks, after treatment, the cough effect is not obvious, but also with tuberculosis patients have been in contact with the words, we should consider the possibility of tuberculosis.Digestive tract tuberculosis, it is fatigue, fever, nausea vomiting symptoms are more obvious.Many people will also be confused with eating bad stomach, gastrointestinal inflammation.Dr.X says good hygiene is the best way to protect yourself from TB.Usually pay more attention to the cleanliness of hands.In addition, enhance the body’s immunity, do not be susceptible to high-risk groups, can also protect health to a certain extent.