“Bed by two walls, the family suffer from disease”, which two walls refers to?That makes sense?

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As the saying goes, “When the bed is between two walls, the family suffers.”In feudal society, many common sayings affect people’s life. In family feng shui, there are many stresses on bed placement. If the bed placement is wrong at home, the family will be badly affected.In the ancient Feudal society of China, although the ideological level of Chinese people was relatively low, many sayings with wisdom of life were spread to the world and provided corresponding enlightenment for people’s life. After understanding such sayings, people can also feel the ancient people’s wisdom of dealing with the world.Once, a saying: “the bed on two walls, the family suffer from disease” has been the concern of many people, in this saying, the bed placement position has a clear requirement, if not in accordance with a certain law put bed, family life will be negative impact.So what are the two walls in this idiom?Is there any truth in this saying?Throughout the ages, Chinese people generally attach great importance to feng shui theory, whether in the process of building or decoration, will uphold the provisions of feng shui theory, avoid the influence of bad feng shui, and live a downcast life.Think in geomantic doctrine, of the bed in the bedroom place to the position is very important, if carelessly place wrong position, can bring about family to be affected negatively, live true happy life hard.About the bed in the bedroom how should place after all, say in a common saying: “the bed depends on two walls, the family suffers disease”, and the two walls in this common saying, it is to point to the one side wall that leans on a window in the bedroom, reach the one side wall that recesses toilet.Above all, the regulation in geomantic doctrine, the position of the bed cannot recumbent the metope that the window is in, also be to stem from healthy consideration.Generally speaking, the bed people sleep in is generally the cleanest place in the home, after all, only in a clean bed to sleep, can ensure the quality of sleep as much as possible, and then help people live a more successful life.In ancient society, suffer the limitation of technical level, the window in the home does not resemble in contemporary society having better sealing sex commonly, if the bed in the bedroom recants the wall where the window is put, can bring about bed face to fall to have a lot of dirt, rain water very likely.In the long run, people suffer from this condition, which makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Over time, people’s mental state deteriorates and their quality of life is negatively affected.Besides, in ancient society, a lot of people like to sit in bed reciting poem scene, if the bed is put by the window, it means that people rely on the window edge to enjoy the scenery outside the window hard, come so, the interest in the life also cannot be satisfied.From ancient times up to now, the bed does not rely on the window is the rule of our country people acquiesce, although be in contemporary society, the quality of the window has been able to assure indoor won’t get the invasion of wind, frost, rain and snow, but people still can avoid to place the bed habitually beside the window.Next, think in the idea of the ancients, the bed can not rely on the wall side of the toilet.In ancient society, the building area of a lot of poor people is very limited, because of such, a lot of people will place the toilet in the home next to the bedroom, avoid wasting the area of the house as much as possible.But different from modern toilets, in ancient society, people neither had the corresponding sewage treatment device, nor the help of the tap water system, so the general environment of ancient family toilets was very poor, and the sanitation problem was difficult to be guaranteed.If the bed in the bedroom is placed against the wall of the toilet, it is likely to cause the family living in the bedroom to be affected by the sewage of the toilet, resulting in many unexpected diseases.Based on this reason, the ancients generally paid attention to the placement of the bed and avoided putting the bed in the bedroom next to the wall near the toilet.In modern society, with the construction level of ascension, the toilet in the home, not like the past simple filth, but in the process of many people decorate, also as much as possible to avoid the position of the bed placed in close proximity to the toilet, the modern people will continue to follow the provisions of the ancients left behind is to avoid was sleeping in the middle of the night, was awakened by the voice of the toilet flush.This affects sleep quality.Conclusion Through the analysis of the truth behind the saying “bed against two walls, the family will suffer”, we will find that in fact, this saying is not as decadent as people imagine, but has a certain truth of life.It can be seen that not all ancient sayings are not worth learning.With the guidance of such common sayings, I believe people will have a more rational and objective understanding of the traditional culture and historical experience of the Chinese nation, and avoid blindly taking all common sayings as symbols of feudal decadence.In the process of social development in the future, if we can dialectically treat the experience and lessons left by the ancients and apply them to the development process of modern society, it will surely help Chinese people to harvest a better future.Reference: Corpus of Folk Sayings