High speed scattered large tire leather, luohe traffic police in time to remove hidden dangers

2022-06-10 0 By

Dahe Daily · Yu video reporter Liu Guangchao Correspondent Wang Xiugen the scattered objects on the expressway are comparable to “time bombs”, which not only affect driving safety but also easily cause road traffic accidents.On March 30, luohe police found a large piece of tire leather scattered on the road during their patrol. They cleaned up the road in a timely manner, effectively eliminating traffic safety hazards and ensuring a safe and smooth traffic order in the area.On 30 March 15 and 59 minutes, luohe city public security bureau traffic management team south highway brigade police on duty, to drive the police car along the luo river section in the direction of zhoukou NingLuo highway patrol to 525 kilometers, found highway driveway with a big tyre’s skin, passing vehicles are emergency avoidance, dangerous for the scene.In order to avoid traffic accidents, the police decisively take effective measures, one person on the scene security alert, remind the past vehicles to pay attention to slow down avoidance.One quickly ran to clear the obstacles on the road, throwing nearly two meters of tire skin over the guardrail.Subsequently, the police contact maintenance department, as soon as possible to clean up.High-speed traffic police remind: drivers before driving on the road, we must check the tire condition, pay attention to the tire pattern wear degree, if exposed wire must be replaced in time, so as to avoid traffic accidents.Because the vehicle drives on the highway for a long time, plus the influence of the ground temperature, it is very easy to cause the tire accident, such as when the tire suddenly bursts, should be calm and calm, do not slam on the brake, otherwise it is easy to cause the car out of control and lead to catastrophe.When driving at high speed, you should keep a good safety speed and ensure that when you find obstacles on the road, you should leave yourself enough time and distance to avoid foreign objects. Do not take improper measures in case of emergency and cause accidents.