What are the main points of the elevator shaft position and space design of Hunan family villa?

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Due to the rising popularity of hunan home elevator, a lot of people will choose in the home to install home villa elevator, hunan province, hunan small home elevator design considerations became very want to understand all the problem, answer to this question in the network also is multifarious, without a definite answer, singh Lin below elevator in detail for you.Hunan family elevator villa elevator shaft location and Hunan family villa elevator space 1.It is ok to be in the middle stair inside the house commonly, perhaps corner, hang outside even, the key is it is ok not to block passage.2. As for the width of the door to push back the width of the hunan family elevator shaft, you can use the top height of the Hunan family elevator to push back the height of the car.3. Hunan household elevator is recommended to carry about 5 people, 150kg-400kg, and the inner size of the cage is 0.8 ~ 1.6 square meters.Compared with the passenger elevator, the area is relatively large, so that people ride more experience comfort.Hunan family villa elevator to determine the style of Hunan family elevator manufacturers, usually will consider the hunan family villa elevator shaft environment and personal preferences, and then will consider the difficulty and cost.1. Airtight well is equipped with airtight car, and sightseeing well is equipped with sightseeing car, which can be sightseeing on three sides or local sightseeing.Hunan household elevator manufacturers suggest installing glass Windows on the doors.2. The car of hunan elevator has various shapes.Can be circular, rectangular, combined type, Hunan elevator brand recommends that you use automatic folding door with transparent material.3. Due to the household elevator (villa elevator) more parts, hunan small household sightseeing elevator is not appropriate to use transparent glass.The above is the hunan family villa elevator design matters needing attention.I hope consumers can make a corresponding choice according to their own situation when buying.