When electric cars return to their essence, SAIC Volkswagen’s “credibility” wins again

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Part is a new power building cars shouted “subversion”, on one side, consumers are electric vehicles of virtual, poor quality, safety is “for” exhausted, the rapid development of new energy vehicle market, cover up a lot of problems, but with the arrival of the marketization of inflection point, electric consumers more and more mature, more and more care about some products which belong to the nature of “car”,At this time the market pattern quietly changed.Because saic Volkswagen, with a slightly low-key “plan and then move”, began to show a strong potential energy of development, ID.Series of car sales and user reputation are rising, since the launch of the end of March, SAIC Volkswagen ID.In only three months, the family achieved a monthly sales volume of more than 1,000 units, and 5,001 units in September. From October to November, the family stood at the level of more than 7,000 units for two consecutive months, which is expected to further breakthrough.The sales volume has been steadily rising, and the users have consistently given “favorable comments”, such as real battery life, comfortable driving and riding, reliable products, fun driving and controlling, etc., which truly reflect THE ID of SAIC Volkswagen.Series of strength, and behind this is the enterprise’s 37 years of efforts to forge a strong system strength.Don’t pass, every detail the whole process of quality management for consumers, product features are described in the “science fiction” again, also must return to daily use, more practical, useful, use live is more important, after all, the “pile” various configuration is easy, let vehicle quality has always been to remain high in are not so easy, the latter is the test of quality management system of the enterprise,And that didn’t happen overnight.In this respect, SAIC Volkswagen, which believes that “quality is the life of an enterprise”, is worthy of the trust of consumers. The achievements of nearly 25 million users in 37 years are sufficient to demonstrate the excellent product quality of SAIC Volkswagen.To ensure the product is delivered to the user’s high quality products, the whole process of Shanghai Volkswagen has established complete quality management system, covering the entire product life cycle, product strategy, technology development, manufacturing and marketing the early stages in the product design, quality assurance in conjunction with the department of research and development, production, sales, and other core synchronization work,Based on national laws and regulations, industry standard requirements, customer satisfaction and other after-sales information feedback, as well as test and production quality analysis and other evaluation basis, jointly formulate the quality objectives of new models, and define the quality direction and standard for subsequent production and manufacturing.In the process of product development, SAIC Volkswagen will carry out strict quality recognition on product parts and vehicles to verify whether they meet the production requirements.In the manufacturing process, the enterprise has established a complete product inspection mechanism, to ensure that the vehicle in the production process to meet the design requirements of the quality indicators.After the products are put on the market and delivered to consumers, SAIC Volkswagen still keeps track of the product quality. By collecting after-sales service information and conducting consumer research, SAIC Volkswagen helps to improve the products in a targeted way and makes the product performance more stable.Return to car essence, ID. The family out of the third path from era switch to electric vehicles, fuel truck is changed automobile drive system, energy, not change the nature of the car is always the pursuit of manipulation, safe, comfortable, this is all cars the same keywords, and the electrification transformation of Shanghai Volkswagen, apparently based on hold these keywords,A unique path out of the new power of car building.Handling, Shanghai Volkswagen chassis professional r&d team, make the ID. The family electric car with consistent control fuel car series, on the one hand, let the fuel car users can non-inductive switch to electric vehicles, on the other hand also solve the pain points of pure electric vehicles is no fun to drive, let for the young can control in electric era continue to enjoy the “speed and passion”.In terms of safety, SAIC Volkswagen has safety standards far exceeding the National standard. In terms of batteries, its battery safety verification projects are as high as 388, covering K13 temperature shock, chemical corrosion, extreme collision, etc., fundamentally guaranteeing battery safety and vehicle durability.And the enterprise has a complete process system to ensure safety, a number of test sites, experimental centers and a variety of types of tests, to ensure that the product is safe and reliable under any working conditions.In terms of comfort, SAIC Volkswagen has a special Database of Chinese human body and the database of commonly used items in Cars of China, according to which the ID is created.Models can be said to be “exclusive” electric models, naturally will be highly recognized by users.These accumulation is incomparable to the new forces of car making, so the product strength of ID. series models is obvious to all. In the test results of the first test models of China Insurance Vehicle Safety Index (C-IASI) regulation (2020 edition) released by China Insurance Research Institute,Id.4x scored Good in All four indexes of “Crashworthiness and Maintenance Economy”, “occupant”, “vehicle layman” and “auxiliary safety”. This is the first and only model to get “All Good” in the four indexes under the new test standard, and also the best performance in the history of C-IASI evaluation.There is a strong system to ensure that there is accurate insight into China’s consumer demand, SAIC Volkswagen ID.It is expected that the sales volume of the series will continue to rise, and as the external environment improves, I believe ID.The series will have better performance. In the era of electrification, SAIC Volkswagen is still the most powerful enterprise to become the leader.