Zhang Yuemin teacher top azure clay purple sand works

2022-06-10 0 By

The pot friends who are familiar with Mr. Zhang Yuemin must know that most of his works are based on the ancient method of burning golden clay, and the presentation of color is unique. But I do not know, Mr. Zhang yuemin’s new product recently, purple sand works made of top azure clay, do you pay attention to it?The body of this work is a classic round vessel, matched with the shape of bamboo, the body is round and full, the mouth and handle are the shape of bamboo section, from the handle also extends a section of bamboo leaves, while a auspicious beast as the button, more delicate and chic.The body of the pot is decorated with poems and prose, which adds a literary flavor virtually.Zhang Yuemin grew up in Yixing, immersed in the traditional purple sand world, love purple sand.He is good at making POTS by hand, with outstanding technical level and artistic attainments.Adhere to the traditional purple sand production for decades, committed to the design and creation of purple sand pot;Assiduous study, open-minded to ask for advice, practice profound skill.The style of his works is simple and simple, and he integrates his own unique understanding and ideas on the basis of tradition, which is quite innovative.He is good at making POTS with high-quality gold clay materials collected at home, and the firing method follows the ancient method. The process is long and extremely exquisite. He has very high requirements for his works, and has formed his own unique style.Although low-key, but only works to speak, his pot friends in the home has a very high visibility and excellent word of mouth, widely popular.This is the first attempt of Teacher Zhang Yuemin. If you like the pot, you can study it carefully!