Zhuhai lucky lottery frequent season in the end of the “scratch-off” jackpot

2022-06-10 0 By

After January 4, February 14, February 16, zhuhai lottery winners respectively out of the bonus of 1 million yuan, 150,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan lucky lottery scratch-off lottery ticket first prize, after a period of more than a month, Zhuhai lucky lottery again came good news on March 25, Zhuhai lottery winners happy in scratch-off lottery “happy 8” first prize, the bonus of 800,000 yuan!On the morning of March 25th, the lottery player, accompanied by his brother, came to the cashing room of Zhuhai Lucky Lottery Center in high spirits to cashing his lucky prize.It is understood that on March 22, the lottery winner Mr. Liu (pseudonym) came off work in the evening, after 44030344 welfare lottery sales place incidentally buy the lottery, at the beginning of Mr. Liu from a “happy 8” to select 3 pieces only out of 30 yuan, then change three pieces, one breath scraped open the first two pieces did not win, when he felt dishearten,The last one scratched “My number” and “28” matched the winning number.At that moment, Mr. Liu regarded 800,000 yuan as 80,000 yuan, but after checking with the salesman, he found that Mr. Liu’s last piece of “Happy 8” scratch-off lottery was the first prize of 800,000 yuan.After learning that the prize was 800,000 yuan, Mr. Liu immediately informed his brother and made an appointment to go to zhuhai Lucky Lottery Center to cash the prize.When asked about the bonus of what planning, Mr. Liu said that in the past are some thousands of pieces of small prize, since this time can zero distance contact with the prize, feeling happiness comes too suddenly.He said he would use the money to relieve pressure in his future life, and that he would continue to support good causes.It is also understood that, in order to reward the support and love of guangdong lottery, guangdong Welfare Lottery Distribution Center will carry out a 3D game awarding campaign of 40 million yuan from March 10 to April 18, 2022 (excluding Shenzhen). During the awarding campaign, the “single choice” will give a prize of 1500 yuan per bet.As of March 24, the remaining prize money of $1,682,126 was awarded for each bet of $500 for “Group 3” and $250 for each bet of “Group 6”.If the bonus is distributed within the bonus period, the bonus activity will stop after the end of the game period on the day when the bonus is distributed.(Zhuhai correspondent Su Jiang)