In Fujian, two new local confirmed cases and 137 asymptomatic cases were reported

2022-06-11 0 By

According to the Health Commission of Fujian Province, there were two new confirmed cases in The province from 00:00 to 16:00 On March 25, including one asymptomatic confirmed case in Quanzhou, and 137 asymptomatic cases in Quanzhou, Nanping, Fuzhou and Zhangzhou.Since March 13, fujian province, has reported local confirmed cases 1097 cases (996 cases of quanzhou, putian 60 cases, 21 cases in xiamen, zhangzhou, 16 cases, 2 cases of fuzhou, sanming in 1 case, ningde 1 case, including asymptomatic diagnosed 30 cases), native of asymptomatic infection in 1155 cases (1113 cases of quanzhou, fuzhou, 21 cases, 12 cases putian and zhangzhou 6 cases,2 in Nanping and 1 in Longyan);1,080 patients were still in hospital (including 0 in critical condition and 1 in severe condition), and 1,155 were still under isolation for medical observation.(Source: HUANG Shan, reporter of CCTV News Client)