The authenticity is doubtful!Honor 70 Pro rendering exposed, rear camera module collides face mi 11

2022-06-11 0 By

Honor just released the Honor 60 series in early December, but at the current rate of updates in the mobile market, an Honor 70 launch in the first half of this year is not out of the question.But today we’re not talking about the honor 70 release date. Instead, we’re talking about a bunch of images of the Honor 70 Pro that have been leaked online.As you can see from these renderings, the Honor 70 Pro will still have a curved screen on the front, but there aren’t any holes in the screen, so it’s likely to feature an off-screen camera.It’s also worth mentioning that honor Magic4 will also support under-screen cameras.On the back of the rendering, the Honor 70 Pro is equipped with a rear tripod, and the camera module still shows the shadow of the double ring, but the overall change is somewhat new.However, it is a bit like Mi 11. For example, although the appearance of the camera module looks like a rectangle, the outer corners are designed with rounded corners. The arrangement of the internal cameras is basically the same, and the white circle outside the main camera is also a bit silly.Just because of this, people feel that the authenticity of this group of renderings is very questionable.According to sources, the Honor 70 Pro will have a 120Hz refresh rate and a 6.71-inch screen with a 3,120-by-1440 resolution, a 50-megapixel rear tri-camera, 5,000mah battery, and a Breguet 9000 processor.While the authenticity of the renderings is questionable, the level of configuration is undoubtedly high.