What material is 12CR2MO1VR?Chemical composition and melting analysis of 12Cr2Mo1VR container plate

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What material is 12CR2MO1VR?12Cr2MO1VR container plate chemical composition and melting analysis 12Cr2Mo1VR is what material,12Cr2Mo1VR steel plate belongs to the medium and low temperature pressure steel plate,12Cr2Mo1VR is read as 12 Chromium 2 manganese 1 vanadium capacity, in which Cr and Mo are short for chemical molecules chromium and molybdenum, R is the container of the first English capital letter.Delivery status:The main steel types of sunfan Wugang hydrogen resistant CR-Mo steel are: 14Cr1MoR steel plate for coke tower, SA387Gr11C12 steel plate for gasifier, 2.25Cr-1Mo steel plate for hydrogenation reactor, large thickness hydrogen resistant 12Cr2Mo1R(H steel plate)Hydrogen 2.25CR-1Mo-0.25V steel plate corresponding to the foreign brand :SA387Gr11CL11, 22, 2.25CR-1Mo.12Cr2Mo1VR Executive standard: Origin: Wugang, the executive standard is GB/T 713-2014.Chemical composition and melting analysis of 12Cr2Mo1VR:Component CSiMnPSCrMoNiCaV melting analysis 0.11 ~ 0.15≤0.100.30 ~ 0.60≤0.008≤0.0052.00 ~ 2.500.90 ~ 1.10≤0.20≤0.0150.25 ~ 0.35 Finished product analysis 0.10 ~ 0.16≤0.130.30 ~ 0.60≤0.008≤0.0051.95 ~ 2.600.85 ~ 1.15≤0.25≤0.0150.23 ~ 0.3712Cr2Mo1VR is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries,Used for making reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, oil and gas tank, liquefied gas tank, nuclear reactor pressure shell, boiler drum, liquefied petroleum cylinder, hydropower station high pressure water pipe, turbine volute and other equipment and components.