Here is the nuclear industry, standing in the depths of the grassland with rolling sand and snow

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Sixty-seven years of brilliant progress, from the depths of the desert to the shore of the blue Sea, in the motherland, north and south, have left the nuclear industry hard work to forge ahead.”Here is the Nuclear Industry” 2022 new column online!Here, from the northernmost to the southernmost, easternmost to the westmost of the motherland will take you to appreciate the United States nuclear industry, to see the progressive nuclear people;Here, we will start from the traditional 24 solar terms of China to explore the wonderful spark of collision between traditional culture and nuclear industry.Here, you will also see the different nuclear industry from the perspective of media reporters and network backbone of positive energy.For the first time, let’s go to Inner Mongolia in the north of China and meet the nuclear industry workers who stand firm in the yellow sand and snow.”Ho,” Mongolian the significance of the place is beautiful, rich and four seasons here in yellow spring, summer, in the autumn wind howling, the snow in the winter seasons constant is flag flies high the nuclear industry nuclear industry spirit between heaven and earth light bloom from capital, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the north, across the boundless daqingshan, across the desert grassland,Come to the depth of the grassland on the border between China and Mongolia, you will see her standing quietly on the vast grassland, under the blue sky.That is the Bayanwula Uranium mine of CNNC Inner Mongolia Mining Co., LTD. — our beautiful home.A group of lovely people gathered here and took root here, fulfilling their “original aspiration” and “mission” with practical actions.Bayanwula uranium mine has developed into a modern in-situ leached uranium mine from a “preparatory group” of only ten people at the beginning, a “four noes” test site with “no water, no electricity, no heat and no signal”.Bayanwula, under the jurisdiction of Sunit Left Banner of Xilingol League, is located in a remote area with inconvenient transportation and employees all over the country. It is generally far away from home, so it is not easy to go home.Hiring in order to overcome difficulties, such as the shortage of staff, work task difficulties, the party member the leading cadre demonstration lead, take the initiative to sacrifice holiday time, spare time to rest, holidays lead the job, “daunting” charge in the first tree flag, worker masses follow example on more steam rolled up his sleeves, gathered to build “uranium deposit in Inner Mongolia large base” high flood of endeavour.There was a work task, the leading cadres not having a holiday for several months, didn’t go home three or four times a year, even if were only a few days at home, but they take, mind “head” of countries, to practice the “strong nuclear country, dedication, innovation” spirit in a new era of the nuclear industry, unity led worker masses open roads meeting the mountain and the water bridge,There have been a number of “pacemen” who have rallied their hearts and fought the battle. “Relay party members” who have stayed true to their original aspiration and kept their mission firmly in mind. As a result, they have made concerted efforts to fight the epidemic together, and become “screws” who are willing to contribute and stick to their posts.Bayanwula climate is a continental monsoon climate in the middle temperate zone and arid desert steppe climate. It is cold and long in winter with heavy snow and wind, dry in spring with little rain and wind and sand, dry and hot in summer with little rainfall, and high in autumn with cool frost early.The annual glaciation period is 8 months, the lowest temperature in winter is below minus 40℃, the highest temperature in summer is over 40℃, the prevailing westerly wind all the year round, the prevailing sandstorm weather in spring.Party branch layers of obstacles to overcome the bad weather, the party members’ people will converge from top to bottom, each department together to cooperate, the party member the leading cadre exemplary, condensed “nine cattle climbing, each output” struggle together, and worker masses side by side, hand in hand, drink sand and ice and snow, ensure the stable operation of inclement weather.Prairie endless, empty little shelter, spring sand is blowing out of the prairie speed.Sometimes the sand blows for several days, the sky is gray, visibility is only a few meters away, only to hear the wind blowing through the factory, dormitory a burst of sound and the sand against the building, glass rustling friction.Party members and comrades took the initiative to take the lead in the battle, with sand and wind as companions, against the wind, check the plant windproof, outdoor lines, key equipment and other key links of operation, to ensure the stability of operation.They are often blown to dust, mouth, nose, ears hidden full of sand, sand blowing dyed yellow hair is their image symbol, but they ran out of the guarantee of the “acceleration”, let the wind fluttering in the sand party flag shining.In winter, the well site is covered with snow. Although the cold wind outside is biting, dripping water turns into ice, and the breath turns into frost, it cannot stop the clanging steps of party members to patrol the Wells in order to ensure the stable operation of the well site.Party member comrade braves cold, with snow and ice companion, walk on foot, the wind and snow shuttle back and forth in the ice and snow.It takes more than 5 hours to patrol the hole once a day. They walk step by step along the hole of pumping liquid through thick snow. Deep in the snow, they leave a firm footprint.”Traffic light” is willing to contribute to the safety of party members leading cadres, safety inspectors, part-time safety officers resonance, gather heart to a place to think, to a place to make the majestic majestic force, cohesion of joint efforts to ensure safety, to ensure the safe and stable operation of production.They are like “traffic lights” on the road one by one, switching back and forth between “red light” and “green light”, “flying here and there” on the grassland, in the factory and in the operation site, demarcating boundaries and strengthening norms with timely “red light”. They protect the safety of the site with dedication and perseverance.The “gatekeeper” sticks to the defense line of the epidemic and does not relax. There are multiple outbreaks in China. The itinerary of the registered staff is complicated, and the cooperation between relevant parties is deepening.Logistics party member comrade be everyone “disease resistance of a goalkeeper,” strict implementation of company and the local government and epidemic prevention policy, adhere to the “two yards for examination and approval of the report” the bottom line, continuously broaden the scope and the prevention and control of inspection channels, attention to changes in domestic outbreak, workers to take a vacation, a dynamic adjustment cycle, the authentication enterprise WeChat declaration record, timely adjust the travel route.Factory for bulk raw material transport vehicles, set up anti-epidemic guard post, retrograde, battle against cold and heat, adhere to a post a day, one person two yards a nucleic acid a temperature measurement, a car a check a disinfection, adhere to the epidemic defense line does not relax.Living area vanguard 24 hours on line, strict access to people off.For external personnel, adhere to a temperature measurement, for internal staff, adhere to a daily temperature measurement.At the same time, the sanitation and disinfection work in the public areas of part-time living areas is always on the strain of epidemic prevention.”Camp bed” “commuter car” spirit shinning the party member the leading cadre in the factory actively set up camp bed, eating live at the scene, be a “night watchman” night, daytime rob to take the first bus to work, go off work to sit the last bus, commuter car driver trouble, loyal to their duties, 24 hours on standby at any time, day and night, they used the interpretation service and act as the “ho,” style of work.A commuter train to build a new image.The on-site living area and the factory area are 2 kilometers apart, four shifts a day commuter car, morning and evening, two trips each, snow is not wrong, some workers feel out of the car “way”, the so-called “take a good car, eat early, work early”.”Go on like this can’t be done”, party branch secretary is keenly aware of the problem, very soon, a notice meets with the worker, “leading cadre and party member all sit the first bus to go to work, 2 bus to come off work”, regulation resounding sound, the worker hand in hand praise, gradually, squeeze the first bus to go to work, 2 bus off work of the person began to rise more.A shuttle bus, seems to be a small matter, but reflects the party and the people, the style of image.Party members sleep soundly on camp beds.The branch has a high degree of informatization and automation, adopting the concept of “fuzzy control and industrial operation”, and only two automatic control personnel are on duty in the whole factory every night.The winter here is unusually cold, the temperature reaches 40 degrees below zero, in order to ensure that the emergency response is foolproof, party members leading cadres and backbone take the lead in shifts on duty, a “party member camp bed” is placed in the office, to ensure the stable operation of winter production.The staff praised it with simple words: “This person, in exchange for everyone can sleep at ease, or always feel uneasy.”Characteristic brand activities booster quality development model, the left flag branch party branch to “innovation, a new recruit, see effect” as the goal orientation, with QC activities, scientific innovation, management ascension as the carrier, a member of “pioneer team” “party shock brigade” “party member XianFengGang” “lean innovation team” “night” youth characteristic brand, break the traditional thinking,Innovative well site operation control mode, on the basis of reducing 42% running water volume year-on-year, achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption and the annual leaching efficiency of single mining area reached 30%. Compared with the 33% and 38% leaching rates of the same area and the same mining area under the same conditions for two years, a historic breakthrough was achieved.Detoxification of nearly a thousand tons of resin was completed within 2 months, the recovery rate of hydrometallurgy plant increased by more than 10%, and the economic loss of nearly 1 million yuan/year was recovered.Creatively put forward two new technologies of “pressurized gas well washing” and “alkali well washing”, which improved the well washing effect by 100%.The remote control platform has been built to realize remote control with the click of a mouse. The field staff has returned to the big city from the grassland and gobi to work, and become uranium miners in the new era.In the past few years, the party members and cadres of sunite Left Banner Branch have kept to their original intention and carried out the mission. Centering on the central task of building a large uranium mine base in Inner Mongolia, they have fought against wind and snow, cold and wind and sand in a short period of two years in the difficult environment without water, electricity, warmth and signal.On the grassland of Sino-Mongolian border, the first first-class modern green mine in China has been built after the integration of ground and mining, which has become the uranium mining and metallurgy project with the shortest construction period and the best control of five major projects in the system.The project created “Bayanwula speed” in the construction history of in-situ leached uranium mine hill.Become the first production capacity landing project with excellent prospecting results in central and western Inner Mongolia;It has formed the first uranium mine in Inner Mongolia, which has laid a foundation for the construction of two large uranium mining bases in central and western Inner Mongolia.It pioneered the remote control of in-situ leaching mine and became a pioneer in the urbanization process of uranium miners.In the process of operation, digitalization, visualization and intelligence have been realized, and labor efficiency has increased by 43.8%.Zero accidents in production safety for 7 consecutive years, and the level of per capita labor productivity, informatization and automation is world-class and leading in China.Period, the broad masses of party members as a role model in vanguard, key positions, all team members 100% coverage, overtime, take the initiative to give up the rest of all party members, and masses are Marshall, into “surmount every difficulty, have the courage to bear, hard work, home, for the country to unite, coagulation hearts meet force, never satisfied, constantly explore” ho and his style of work,Let the spirit of nuclear industry bloom in the depths of the grassland.Source: CNNC Inner Mongolia Mining Co., LTD poster; CNNC Propaganda and Culture Center Nuclear visual creative Design Studio; Edited by Hu Fangchen; reviewed by Wang Yuxiang; Hu Jian