State Administration of Mine Safety: the rate of coal mine resumption after the Spring Festival reached 88%

2022-06-12 0 By

China News Network Beijing, March 14On The 14th, the Ministry of Emergency Management held a press conference.At the meeting, Sun Qingguo, director of the Safety foundation Department of the National Mine Safety Administration, introduced that after the Spring Festival, some suspended production of coal mines have started production. Up to now, the normal production of coal mines has reached 2,098, with a capacity of 3.87 billion tons per year, and the resumption of production rate reached 88%, higher than the level of the same period last year.Sun Qingguo introduced that the State Administration of Mine Safety has actively carried out on-site verification of the production capacity of coal mines guaranteed for supply. Up to now, 176 of the 207 coal mines guaranteed for supply have completed on-site verification, and the remaining 31 are expected to be completed by the end of March.Previously, the State Administration of Mine Safety sorted out 85 coal mines that were unable to carry out normal production or could not reach production due to incomplete formalities or affected by the use of grass land, and promptly transferred them to the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation and guarantee to speed up the solution of formalities.At present, 60 of the 85 mines are operating normally, with a production capacity of 176 million tons per year.Sun Qingguo introduced that most of the coal mines that have not resumed production are mines with substandard safety conditions and weak safety foundation. Currently, 41 coal mines have been coordinated to solve the problems of temporary suspension of production due to safety reasons. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the government will speed up the resumption of production according to standards and restore the production capacity of 48.75 million tons per year.Sun Qingguo pointed out that the State Administration of Mine Safety administration will guarantee coal supply and resumption of production as the focus of supervision, supervision and law enforcement, to take remote law enforcement, mining and excavation continuous special supervision, open and secret investigation and remote supervision and other methods, regardless of the actual safety of the increase of production targets, arbitrary increase of mining and excavation face, engage in a sea of tactics.The act of arbitrarily reducing disaster control projects, reducing the time for disaster control, not taking corresponding measures in mining and excavating continuously tense coal mines, and not having conditions to resume work and production in violation of regulations, strict law enforcement, so as to discover and investigate a place, to ensure safety in production, to ensure the stability of the supply situation.Source: