The old house left behind for many years was torn down!Yiwu here to open the old work

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At 9 o ‘clock in the morning of February 24, with the roar of the excavator, an old old farmhouse fell down, Yiwu Suxi town tongyu village officially opened the old house demolition work.”This is the day we have been waiting for.”Xu Hongxiang, secretary of tongyu Village Committee, was the first to demolish her old home. She told reporters that many villagers were looking forward to organic renewal and moving into new houses as soon as possible due to the dilapidated infrastructure and limited development space in the village.Tongyu Village of Suxi Town is an ancient village with a history of more than 1400 years. According to the provisions of provincial traditional village protection, some old houses will be regarded as historical buildings and shall not be demolished.There are a lot of antique houses in the village, and there are “18 dwellings” under the protection of Yiwu city cultural relics.From 2017, Tongyu Village was included in the renovation plan, and the approval of the old renovation rules was completed in the same year.Due to various reasons, there has been no substantial progress, in 2021, under the support of the Suxi Town Party Committee government, accelerate the rural organic renewal work.The tongyu village rural organic renewal involves a total of 498 farmers in three natural villages, including Longqi Mountain, Guqian and Duotou.”Let the villagers spend their last year in the old houses.”Xu Hongxiang, tongyu village organic renewal work is divided into two phases, currently is the first phase, participating in 202 households 408 people.Xu Hongxiang also made a “military warrant” : take the lead in demolishing old houses, strive for the demolition of the first batch of farmers’ old houses in April, before the end of the year to complete the selection.A second batch of demolition is scheduled to begin next year.After shangxitao village, Xufeng Village and Wengjie Village simultaneously started the demolition of old houses for organic renewal, organic renewal in Tongyu Village has also become an important part of improving the overall appearance of urban and rural areas in Suxi Town.Previously, Su Xi town working group, into the village to carry out the work.By the town team members, functional department backbone, the communist Construction committee and tongyu village cadres, party members and other groups, repeatedly to the villagers home to collect needs, interpret policies, talk.”To carry out new rural construction and promote the organic renewal of rural areas is the concrete practice of suxi Town to implement the construction of common prosperity demonstration area.”Suxi town related official said, according to the relevant policy documents, then they will actively play a leading role of village cadres, villagers will respect, according to their needs, targeted guidance and service, the new rural construction with the organic update as the key work, make the rural old change to ‘opinion, to win the confidence of the people, hence resisted’ purpose.Pay attention to “Gold Newspaper Yiwu”, get more “read good” news reporter Sun Danling editor Yu Shoufeng audit Tao Houfu supervisor Shao Jianwei people’s livelihood perspective attentively listen to pay attention to gold newspaper Yiwu get more information