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After a spring snow, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 caused the city of Tangshan to hit the pause button.Breathe together, fight together!Tangshan Bank immediately issued an initiative, calling on the bank’s party members and volunteers to actively participate in volunteer services while doing a good job of self-protection. Tangshan Bank staff responded positively, took the initiative to contact with their communities, supported the front-line prevention and control, and demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of tangshan local banks with practical actions.Outbreak back to the once prosperous city overnight become empty cold and cheerless, however numerous warm moments in the community, in the mount, in the corridor, in front of you I constantly flashes, the white protective clothing, wearing the blue blouse, the red vest, the red armbands, health care, public security personnel, community workers and volunteers,All people with our beloved homeland – Tangshan said: “Come on!””The stars tonight, so bright ah.” The night gradually dark down, with the dark wind quietly everywhere.At 19:48, Zhan Hongjia, a volunteer at The Xinguan Branch of Tangshan Bank, was ready to put on protective clothing again and go into the house for nucleic acid testing. At 8 am, she had already started her volunteer work for the day.Although she had been busy for nearly 12 hours, leaving no time for dinner and no time for hot water, she did not cry tired.When all was ready, she turned her eyes to the sky outside the window and saw many bright stars. She said happily to her companion, “Look!How bright the stars are tonight!”At 23:00, Chen Yujie of Qianxi Sub-branch said the same thing silently in her heart on her way back.The Qianxi branch has such a small house that has been on regular duty for more than a year. Since March 19, when the county conducted its first nucleic acid test, this small house has taken on the function of nucleic acid test again.It was in this familiar small house that Chen Yujie silently practiced her volunteer duties, working until 11 o ‘clock at night every day for nucleic acid testing of community residents.At 12 o ‘clock midnight ChuXu, He Shu the Tang Xing volunteer couples with household detection companions say good-bye and formal incarnation “white” from noon to complete training, high strength work for 12 hours, didn’t eat a bite of rice, young couple not drink a drop of water, not to go on a trip to the toilet, race against time to ensure that the community nucleic acid detection orderly.At night, stars lit the couple’s way home.The stars were bright that night, but you, who were on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic, were even brighter.”I called 200 in a day?300?”Two buildings, more than 200 households and countless phone calls,” says Chen Ying, head of majiagou Sub-branch.As a volunteer in the Rong Xin Yuan community, she took charge of answering and making phone calls, answering sealing and control questions, recording secret connections and sub-secret connections, and informing surrounding businesses of nucleic acid tests. From the moment she picked up the phone at 8 a.m., she never put her hands down.”How many do I play in a day?200?300?There are too many to remember. I feel dizzy at the back.”When community workers said “hard work” to her, she waved her hand, “As a volunteer, it is our duty. We feel very happy to do something for our hometown.”With a happy smile on her face, she threw herself into the busy work again. Squatting down, she began to paste the collection tube for household nucleic acid detection…Volunteer tireless, because the heart of “love and protection”.From 7:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon, Yu Junlei from the administrative Security Department of the head office and Wang Jian from the tangcheng branch were scanning sample codes and health cards to maintain order and patiently explaining the work requirements to residents over and over again. Despite the cold wind, they always stuck to their posts.At 8:30 PM, Xiao Yang of Caofeidian Free Trade Zone Branch was following the community and medical staff to do nucleic acid tests…When the last resident of the community finished sweeping the yard around 10 o ‘clock and said, “Thank you for your hard work”, they felt a warm current in their hearts. The cold and fatigue were relieved at this moment, and they only felt warm, proud and powerful.An even more emotional scene for the volunteers happened to a child.Zhang Cunyin of Pratt & Whitney Financial Department came across a little boy who was going to take nucleic acid test on his way to the door for sampling. “Bang”, the boy stood up straight and saluted the baywhites.”I will never forget this scene,” she recalled. “This young Pioneers gift, which carries the sincere gratitude and respect of the next generation, is the most precious gift I have ever received.”Since the outbreak of the epidemic, nearly 200 volunteers from Tangshan Bank have been involved in the front-line prevention and control of the epidemic, assisting their communities to carry out code scanning, nucleic acid testing and material transfer, and more tangshan bank staff are also walking on the road to the front line…This is the epitome of Tangshan Bank implementing epidemic prevention and control with practical actions and taking the initiative to assume social responsibilities. It is also the responsibility of Tangshan Bank to interpret “Tangshan people’s own bank”.Under the epidemic, individuals have their own contributions and enterprises have their own responsibilities.Unity against “epidemic”, spring warm flowers will bloom.Editor: Li Qiang