With the mountains, rivers and oceans of Fujian as the stage, this Fujian Spring Festival Gala is trending ahead of New Year’s Eve

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Early in the morning of New Year’s eve, “good luck and joy in the year of the tiger •2022 fujian New Year’s joy night” was trending on weibo, with the hashtag # successors of shaxian ranked TOP3 in the overall hot search list.And the night before, # Yunga this world so many people’s appeal # Weibo hot search main list 24, # Li Xiang Performing spring in Wonderland # Kuaishou main list 14, caused the whole network hot discussion “this Spring Festival Gala is Fujian”, “not enough to watch the end”, “I feel like I can watch it many times”…This Spring Festival, fujian Spring Festival Gala with warm greetings and thick Fujian flavor, high-profile circle!For more young Viewers in Fujian, this may be the first time they realize that “Fujian’s cultural export can be so fun”.In the discussion area, some net friends said “the program is so funny, three dogs and Shaxian snacks dream linkage!”There are also netizens sigh, “Big New Year, miss the taste of home.”The Inheritors of Shaxian tells the story of the inheritance between two generations of shaxian snack business operators.Shaxian snacks script to kill?Live selling duck leg rice?Creative flavor of macaron dumplings?These absurd “Shaxian joint names” are comic in this sketch, which also makes many audiences who have a deep affection for Shaxian snacks smile.This is a sketch that only people in Fujian can make, but it is also a work that the national audience will “understand”, because Shaxian snacks have already gone out of Fujian and become famous throughout the country.In fact, it is much more than that. Every program of the New Year’s Eve of 2022 in Fujian province has strong Fujian characteristics, gathering folk customs and local conditions of Fujian province. It is a party that only Fujian can do.After the program was broadcast, some viewers described the gala as “without any urine”.This time, the whole director group gave up the traditional Spring Festival Gala in the studio shooting technique, the stage extended to 9 cities in Fujian 15 scenes, playing the “movie feeling Spring Festival Gala”.The traditional Spring Festival gala copywriter, please is the writer.This year’s Fujian Spring Festival Gala invited scriptwriter Zhang Ke.Zhang Ke connected the Spring Festival Gala with the theme of “A son-in-law from outside Fujian to find a Blessing”, which tells the story of a son-in-law from outside Fujian who returned to Fujian for the first time.It has plot, it has ups and downs, it has emotions, it’s a complete story.After watching the program, some viewers said, “Other Spring Festival Gala after changing the channel, but fujian Spring Festival Gala after changing the channel, I can not catch it.”To the director’s surprise, the most popular show among the post-00s generation was “Douhai”, a traditional chest beating dance in Southern Fujian.For no other reason, they were attracted to the show’s tall, muscular dancers.In fact, “Fighting the Sea” makes the traditional Minnan chest beat dance, in which the performers are often a group of pot-bellies, younger.There was a scene in which an actor was wet by the waves and fell on the boat. Many young women in the audience said bluntly, “I really want to go and comfort him!”What kind of Spring Festival Gala do the post-1995 and post-2000 generation, who are gradually becoming the mainstream of society, want to watch?The answer is simple.For this generation of independent personality publicity since childhood, “New Year’s day, don’t give me lessons.”This year’s Fujian Spring Festival Gala features rap and hip-hop dance, as well as traditional dance, traditional opera and emerging sketch comedy.”It is very difficult for young people to accept it all at once when you copy Nanyin and Fujian opera on the stage.” Chen Sheng believes that the mission of mainstream media is to build a bridge between traditional culture and young people. “Let them be interested in this thing first, and then attract them to understand it.”In the singing and dancing program “Common Guide to the World”, fujian Spring Festival Gala combines elements of Southern music and Fujian opera into rap and hip-hop dance, conveying exactly a relaxed “attitude of ordinary people to life”.At a time when the sense of crisis of traditional culture is getting stronger and stronger in society, how to draw the attention of young people back is a proposition that needs to be solved in every place.In the view of the director group, fujian Spring Festival Gala is a local attempt, “our goal is to give fujian young people their own blood, so that they can see their own culture can be so fun.”The director group hopes that the year of the Tiger will be a new starting point for fujian “Fu culture” to set sail.Is there any culture in Fujian?What is “blessing culture”?What kind of people are fujianese?All these questions, like a small knife, poke in the heart of every media and cultural worker in Fujian.Chen’s answer is firm. Fujian has a long history and rich and diverse culture.However, due to the diversity, the spread of Traditional culture in Fujian has been “blocked” to some extent.Fujian is a large province of dialects, and there are so many varieties that even “different sounds in neighboring villages”. Northern fujian, Southern Fujian, eastern Fujian and western Fujian all have distinctive traditional culture, which is not easy to integrate together.Chen Sheng regards this Spring Festival Gala as a bold attempt to spread “blessing culture”. “My idea is that to break down barriers, we must break the original formula and make aesthetic content that young people like. Let young people see it first, and then let them fall in love with it.”And what exactly is “blessing culture”?Chen Sheng thinks there are many answers to this question. No matter local artists or media people, they will constantly explore in the process of communication. It can be the art form handed down from generation to generation, or the spirit of fighting and winning of Fujian people, or the family feelings of Fujian people returning to their roots after falling leaves.2022 fujian gala last show, is jointly by fujian Chinese around the world chorus “new love spell will win”, when life from fujian province, around the world at the camera to sing that “certain rushes out a good reputation, to the world”, show the spirit of the fujian has reached the highest ignition point, interpretation of “culture”,Also in 80 minutes of precipitation to show the most vividly.Fujian is blessed!Year of the tiger, happy!Declaration: if the content of the article involves the content of the work, copyright and other issues, please contact the official number within 30 days, we will delete the content in the first time.