Changan UNIKiDD mixed edition in the end what special place

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What’s so special about the new two-drive luxury model?Where is the cost performance reflected?The two-drive luxury model is a cost-effective model that appropriately reduces the unnecessary configuration of some users on the basis of the excellent model, but makes a huge concession to the price. You can buy a medium-sized SUV with large space and high comfort equipped with Blue Whale 2.0T+ Aisin 8AT for 145,900 yuan.What’s so special about the new all-wheel drive Premium?Where is the cost performance reflected?All-wheel drive is changan to collect the car needs of everyone, launched four-wheel drive high cost performance models, relative four-wheel drive excellence increased the main drive electric 8-way seat, front row electric 4-way back support, main drive seat memory, front seat heating and ventilation, front door sound insulation laminated glass, split day lights, 64 color LEDAtmosphere lamp, water turn signal and other very practical functions, the value of these new functions far more than the price of the model increase, you can carefully feel the comparison.What functions does the optional package have?On which configurations can it be installed?We have launched the sports streamer kit and the comfortable supersensory kit optional package for the two drive luxury and excellence models, you can choose individually or at the same time according to your needs.By customizing the original manufacturer’s optional configuration, you can get the same appearance and main comfort configuration on the low to medium model as on the high model.Luxury and Excellence sports streamer kits contain split LED daytime running lights, water turn signals, rear side privacy glass, side window black high-gloss strip;Luxurious comfortable enjoy extrasensory suite contains in front of the multilayer insulation glass, the main driving seat lumbar support adjustment, the co-pilot seat electric adjustment, the front seat heating and ventilation;The Superior Comfort ultra sensory suite includes front layers of soundproof glass, front seat heating and ventilation.