Chifeng record: snow all the way

2022-06-13 0 By

Our trip was affected by a snowfall, so we had to give up the trip yesterday because we couldn’t stand the cold. What happens is that when you leave, it comes right after you. Before we get home, the bus steward Yu Rong called us, the bus is here, where are you?I said, we’re going home.She said, well, don’t leave today.The fifteenth day of the first month, we go to wait for the car, should be eight thirty car, we waited for more than half an hour, more than nine o ‘clock car came over, because of the snow, the bus are not normal.Anyway, wish to travel today, all the way silver, white, rarely full bus today full, dealership in ar horqin, snow is not very big, but, look, some white and train the border into bahrain right flag, however, clearly feel the snow here, mountains, wilderness were covered in thick snow.There are snow mountain flying fox mysterious and magical mood, many passengers on the car are shot record this pure world.The shuttle bus should be in Wudan on the highway, but also because of the snow closed temporarily not opened, had to take the ordinary road, the car to Chifeng is afternoon, the snow of Chifeng city, let us be amazed, go up not feet, should be the fifteenth day of the snow lights, the year of the tiger must be a good year, with a great harvest.