Hung xiu-zhu realizes 2 wishes in Beijing, green camp reason qu words are poor!Tsai Ing-wen will stop?

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The DPP authorities are constantly creating tension between the two sides in order to undermine cross-strait relations, and their practice has caused strong dissatisfaction among kuomintang members.The recent Winter Olympics held in Beijing has played a positive role in promoting sports exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.At the same time, the DPP authorities continue to play up the mainland’s “aggression” against the island.The smooth completion of the two plans fully reflects the goodwill of the mainland to Taiwan’s pro-unification figures. However, the DPP officials were strongly dissatisfied, and they even claimed that Tsai Ing-wen had the right to punish Hung.Hung hsiu-chu also stressed that this is another important sports event in Beijing after she attended the Summer Olympic Games, and she felt proud to be Chinese.Some analysts stressed that hong’s attendance at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will promote cross-Straits exchanges and exchanges in various fields at a time when the political mutual trust between the two sides has been lost due to the “Taiwan independence” actions of the DPP authorities.Hung’s move has been praised by many on the island and will encourage more pro-Unification figures on the island to make great contributions to the push for reunification.After the opening ceremony, Hung was also received by state leaders. During the meeting, the mainland reiterated that the development of cross-Straits relations must return to the 1992 Consensus. The mainland also welcomed people from all walks of life in Taiwan to conduct exchanges and exchanges in various fields with the mainland on the basis of the one-china principle.The democratic Progressive Party (DPP) should be on guard against hong’s statement that she would make continuous efforts to promote the reunification of the island. Upon hearing the news, the DPP did not take a deep self-reflection attitude, but made groundless attacks against the KMT and the Mainland.It started with rumors that Taiwanese athletes participating in the Winter Olympics on the mainland would face great “risks” and that they were ready to “deal with” them.This kind of action by the DPP authorities will only lead to stronger dissatisfaction among the Taiwan people.They point out that the DPP has lost the ability to represent the island in communicating with the mainland, and that the DPP’s attempt to crack down on pro-Unification figures on the island will only arouse more dissatisfaction among Taiwanese people, who will make greater efforts to promote cross-strait exchanges.Although Hung hsiu-chu’s status determines that she will not be harassed by Tsai Ing-wen when she goes to the Mainland to participate in the Winter Olympics, the DPP authorities will certainly take a variety of ways to persecud pro-Unification figures in Taiwan.At this time, the mainland should actively take actions to better communicate with the pro-Unification people in the island to lay a foundation for the development of cross-Straits relations.