Overnight guard traffic to changsha Tianxin district to protect the safety of citizens

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District municipal facilities maintenance center worked all night on the responsible section – Xiangfu Road bridge to carry out a comprehensive inspection and salt sprinkling in advance.Staff to ensure the city’s main river crossings safe and smooth.Rednet (moment changsha January 29 (reporter Zhong Chunhong) in order to ensure the safety and smoothness urban roads, Bridges, later, on January 28th by tianxin of changsha urban management law enforcement, area landscaping maintenance center, district municipal facilities maintenance center, district sanitation maintenance center to snow to make, smell, allocate personnel equipment goods and materials science,We will ensure the orderly operation of cities and the safe travel of citizens.From the evening of January 28 to the morning of January 29, the district municipal facilities maintenance center worked all night to carry out a comprehensive inspection on the responsible section of xiangfu Road bridge and spread salt in advance to prevent the bridge from icing and ensure the safety and unimpeded of the main river crossing channels in the city.A total of more than 50 emergency personnel were dispatched, including 3 salt spitters, 2 land graders, 2 snow scrapers, more than 10 transport and inspection vehicles, and about 10 tons of snow melting agent.As of press time, xiangfu Road bridge did not occur icing phenomenon.Staff of Pozi Street Chengguan Enforcement Squadron braving the rain to clean the road.District urban management law enforcement to implement 24-hour emergency duty freezing rain and snow weather, request and the squadron every 1 hour to check the main roads, overpasses, personnel within their respective jurisdictions in important areas such as densely, once found ice road slippery phenomenon, immediately organize personnel and ice snow removal, to ensure that does not affect the road traffic and citizens to travel, the first time to do a good job of emergency disposal.District landscaping maintenance center in advance of the responsible section of the salt operation.District sanitation maintenance center staff are bedding gunny bag skid.On The evening of January 28 to the morning of 29, the district landscaping maintenance center in advance of the responsible section – Hou Jiatang overpass and Yin Jia Chong overpass salt operation, to ensure the morning peak traffic safety the next day.Tianxin sanitation workers, the city’s “beauticians”, braved the snow all night to spread snow melt and clear frozen roads.So, we went out to see the road smooth, not because the snow is small, not because the temperature outside is not low enough, but in the snow in the heart of heaven there is such a group of “the most lovely people” in the stick, pay tribute to them!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn