The last general of Qi, tian Dan’s road to the restoration of the state

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From duke Heng of Qi dominating the Spring and Autumn Period, to tian He exiled Duke Kang of Qi, Tian Dai Jiang, and declared himself the dominant state of the Warring States period, Qi has always been synonymous with the strong.It was not until the reign of Haz that Qi reached its zenith by opening up its territory and expanding its soil.But Since then, Mr Qi has merely expanded outwardly, without taking into account the political situation at the time.In addition, Lord Mengchang, the only man of genuine talent and learning under The former king, has been forced out of his post as a result of the incident.Lord Mengchang this has also given other countries an opportunity to take advantage of it.Led on by others, Mr Qi has become increasingly arrogant.In addition, the king of Qin once wished to become the second emperor of Both East and West China with Mr Qi, which has only intensified his arrogance and arrogance.At last, under the leadership of Yan, the six states joined hands to attack Qi. Since then, Qi has tasted the bitter fruit he had sown.The state of Yan was almost destroyed by the state of Qi because of the “rebellion of the Sons”.King Zhao of Yan never forgot this hate one day, so qi at the moment of despair, are yan general Yue Yi single-handedly planned.After defeating the Qi army, the other five states withdrew their troops one after another. Only Yan, under the leadership of Yue Yi, captured more than seventy cities of Qi and occupied most of the land of Qi.Yue Yi, the state of Qi was left with only two cities, Ju and Jimo.At this time, the State of Chu, under the pretext of helping Qi restore its state, has beguiled and killed The former king, Left Qi once again in a desperate situation.At this time, Tian Dan led his clansmen to flee to Jimo.Tian Dan was a distant relative of the Royal family of qi.Originally, he was just a petty officer in charge of the capital’s market order.But to such a national ruin of the critical moment, but gave Tian Dan a chance to make a name for himself.After tian Dan arrived in Jimo, he was elected as the city’s master.Tian Dan led the army and people of the city to resist the Yan army and stick to Jimo.The two sides fought for five years. Unable to attack, Yue Yijiu had to change his strategy and encircled without attacking.The hope can stabilize the rear occupied area first, then slowly capture Jimo.However, Jimo, as one of the largest cities of Qi, had sufficient supplies and a large population. No matter it was attacked by force or besieged, it had little effect.Meanwhile, Tian Dan also took advantage of this period to build walls, strengthen defense, expand the army, and implement a series of rectification measures.Tian Dan shared joys and sorrows with the jimo army and people, and was deeply loved by the jimo people.At the same time, Tian Dan is also preparing to counterattack yan army.He felt that if he wanted to defeat the Yan army, the first thing to do was to get rid of the general Le Yi.Tian Dan sent spies to the capital of Yan to spread rumors that Le Yi was disloyal and wanted to declare himself king.At this time, King Zhao of Yan died and King Hui of Yan succeeded to the throne.King Hui of Yan was suspicious of Yue Yi.After hearing the rumors, he immediately sent a general to the front to replace Yue Yi.King Of Yan Hui, Le Yi, was afraid of being attacked by king Yan Hui, so he had to flee to zhao.When Tian Dan heard this, he was very happy and felt that he had made another step forward on the road to the restoration of his country.Coincides with this time, jimo city appeared again a strange thing.Tian Dan ordered the people to worship their ancestors with food when they ate.But attracted countless birds flying in the city, together and not scattered.Tian Dan lied that this is the help of god, and find someone to pretend to be god teacher, order the people, to gather the hearts of the people.Later, Tian Dan plotted to have the Yan army cut off the noses of the soldiers who surrendered to Qi and dig up the graves of qi people outside the city.This made the army and people in the city, grief and anger, determined to fight to the end with the enemy, would rather die than surrender.In order to paralyze the enemy, Tian Dan of the Qi army sent the old, the weak, women and children to the city to keep watch and hid all his soldiers in the city.And let the city rich, bribe Yan Jun, lie that Jimo is about to surrender, hope to break the city can save their own family.Yan army was confused by a series of operations tian Dan, only waiting for jimo Kaesong surrender, so every day very slack.All this was seen by Tian Dan, he felt he was waiting for the opportunity finally arrived.Tian Dan gathered more than a thousand oxen, and bound them with sharp blades on their horns, reeds dipped in oil on their tails, and dressed them in multicoloured dragon patterns.One dark night, Tian Dan ordered his men to set fire to the bulrushes on the ox’s tail.Cattle eat pain, rushed into the yan army camp in panic.The yanjun of the Phalanx of fire saw countless monsters burning on their bodies, rushed to themselves, and immediately panicked and made a mess.Just then, more than five thousand Soldiers of The State of Qi rushed after them.Yan general riding robbery was killed in the chaos of the army, Tian Dan seized the victory and defeated yan Army.After that, Tian Dan won a series of victories and finally recovered all the seventy cities of Qi.He welcomed his son, Former King Xiang of Qi, back to Linzi, the capital of The state of Qi.Therefore, King Xiang of Qi granted Tian Dan the title of King Ping ‘an.Tian Dan restored his state, but the good times did not last long. Because of the suspicion of the king of Qi, Tian Dan was transferred to his state by the state of Zhao at the cost of three cities.The king of Zhao also treated Tian Dan with courtesy and granted Tian Dan the title of Duping.Tian Dan returned the favor and also captured three cities of Yan for Zhao.Finally, Tian Dan served as a general in the state of Zhao and never set foot in the state of Qi again until his death.Tian Dan was ordered to save the country at the time of crisis, but unfortunately, he was eventually suspected by the monarch and traded to other countries as goods.If Tian Dan can stay in Qi, maybe Qi can continue to be brilliant, who knows?