What are the characteristics of false jadeite?How can it be distinguished from real jadeite?You know what?

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What are the characteristics of false jadeite?How can it be distinguished from real jadeite?You know what?With jadeite heat continuously rise, like jade is also more and more, because more people love jade, so sales in the market also has a lot of improvement, in order to seek exorbitant profits some illegal businessmen, they will create false jade, sold to some new friends, because the novice friends their knowledge for jade is not very wide,So in the identification of jadeite true or false above, it is easy to be cheated by some black-hearted businessmen, with the purchase of a real jadeite price, but bought a fake jadeite, caused unnecessary losses.For false jade in the market, so a lot of friends and cui have consultation to the author, claims to want to learn some methods about distinguish jadeite true and false, today I also give you prepared distinguish true and false of jadeite tips, and false jade and what is the obvious distinguish between true jade, we only by the naked eye can very accurately identify their true and false,So as not to fall into the trap of darkness, so that we can choose a piece of their favorite jade jewelry in the follow-up choice.General false jadeite, we observe from the color alone, it is deeper than a lot of true jadeite color, if the true jadeite and false jadeite in a piece, can be obviously found false jadeite its color will be deeper, and true jadeite its color is slightly lighter.Secondly, the overall color distribution of false jade is not very symmetrical, it looks like there are some abrupt, and the true jade in the observation of its color, you will find that its overall color distribution is very uniform.From dark to light, the overall planning is very tidy, so as long as we look at some false jade and true jade, it is easy to distinguish their true or false from the color alone.Secondly, we see the second point, the general false jade, it is made up of filling, or the whole pouring, and really jade it is made up of a variety of minerals, so as long as we cooperate with a magnifying glass to observe the overall internal structure of jade, it is easy to identify the truth between them.Generally speaking, when we use a magnifying glass to observe true jade, you can clearly see the combination of lines hi or some small stone and crack, and false jade it is a glue injection or pouring, at this time it is very uniform internal differentiation, almost can not see the clear lines inside.As we all know, fake jade is generally need to go through pickling to remove its surface cotton or moss, so as to achieve a beauty to improve the effect.In the process of pickling, because of long-term immersion, its surface will produce many small pits, which are not easy to see by our naked eyes.Secondly, pickling will also lead to its internal structure becomes particularly scattered, at this time must use glue injection to improve the strength of its overall structure, so we in the lamp observation, we can find that the light refracted by false jadeite is very scattered, and the real jadeite refracted by light is very concentrated.It is because in the process of pickling it formed a pit on the surface, resulting in its light is scattered, there is no such pit true jade, so the direct light is more concentrated.The above three points, is also very detailed and we tell about the characteristics of the false jade?Although the method has told you, but we still need to learn more in daily reality, increase their actual combat experience, so as to very fast, very accurate identification of false jade, so as to avoid some unnecessary losses.