Zhou Tao leaves Zhejiang Huijin transformation growth fund opening year loss of 12.7%

2022-06-13 0 By

China Economic Network Beijing, February 14 – Recently, Zhejiang Zheshang Securities Asset Management Co., LTD. Announced the change of fund manager, Zhou Tao due to work needs to leave zheshang Huijin Transformation growth (000935), the fund is managed by Ma Binbo.Binbo Ma worked as a researcher at Northeast Securities Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Securities Research And Consulting Branch from July 2012 to July 2015.In July 2015, he joined Zhejiang Zheshang Securities Asset Management Co., LTD., serving successively as a researcher in the Research Department and assistant to fund manager in the public Fund Department.Since December 27, 2017, he has been a fund manager for more than 4 years.Zhou Tao used to be chief industry analyst of Sinolink Securities Research Institute, director of Qilu Securities Research Institute, General manager of Securities Investment Department of Zheshang Securities and Deputy General manager of Zheshang Capital.In 2017, I joined Zhejiang Zheshang Securities Asset Management Co., LTD., and now I am assistant to the general manager.Zhejiang Huijin Transformation and Growth Was established on December 30, 2014. As of February 11, 2022, the fund lost 12.74% this year, with a return rate of 21.63% and a cumulative net value of 1.28 yuan.