Frank Tripper scores from a free kick for Newcastle 3-1 Everton lampard Ali van der Beek is denied

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Newcastle united play everton in the barclays Premier League round 24 at 03:45 on February 9.In the first half, Lascelles and Holgate both from the own goal, Lascelles in the post, the two sides half 1-1 tie;Ryan Fraser gave Newcastle the lead, Tripper sealed the win from a free-kick, Jacob Murphy hit the box and substitutes Ali and Van der Beek made their everton debuts.In the end, Newcastle beat Everton 3-1, the Magpie army win to escape the relegation zone, Everton’s new manager, two new signings Ali, van der Beek suffered the opening black.Newcastle are firing on all fenders as everton continue to lose four games in a row and lampard ali van der Beek is on the receiving end.Rich modern football, better management, cost 102.1 million euros Newcastle winter window after introducing four reinforcements, get greatly strengthen the team, at home to face everton in the trough, the two sides after each into an own goal in the first half, second half Newcastle firing, Ryan frazier goal lead, terry’s free-kick scoring tie directly,Newcastle escaped the relegation zone with a 3-1 home win over Everton and two new signings, guimaraes and Dan Byrne, did not play, but they are sure to avoid relegation this season if they integrate further into the squad.Frank lampard replaced Rafa Benitez and brought in Tottenham midfielder Shaun Ali and Manchester United midfielder Chris van der Beek as substitutes, but everton continued to suffer a slump in form as lampard, Ali and Van der Beek suffered their fourth straight league defeat.Newcastle had less than 40 per cent possession but had 20 shots on goal, nine of them on target.Everton had 11 shots on goal, three of them on target.Newcastle have the quality and temperament to avoid relegation, it’s all money, but that’s football, Chelsea and Manchester City have built their foundations in that way.