Full-automatic homogenizer | Prince Hong

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Automatic operation mode: one-button start, from homogenization to cleaning tool head automatically complete, remove the difference of manual operation, display to improve sample processing efficiency.Intelligent operating system: 10 “full color touch screen, can be set according to the method requirements of homogenization speed, homogenization time, tool head insertion depth and other parameters.Screen real-time display running status, and can customize Settings, save, call multiple programs.Cleaning method: separate ultrasonic pure water cleaning tank and organic solvent cleaning tank are set up. Different cleaning tank can be selected according to the type of treatment matrix to avoid cross contamination between samples.Drip proof plate: the unique drip proof plate can prevent cross contamination between samples caused by liquid dropping after the knife head is lifted.Humanized design: front transparent door, built-in LED lamp, convenient for experimental operators to observe the whole process of sample processing.Safety and environmental protection: the fully closed design can effectively reduce noise, active exhaust system can discharge volatile organic reagent to the outdoor through the ventilation pipe, purify the laboratory environment, reduce the impact on the experimental operator’s body.Product technical parameters