Lingnan River Silence (25)

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Xie Erchilde home of the small slave has not known several times standing in the yue Wind building door kou looked around.Xie Erchilde likes lively, and happens to meet a few friends in Hongzhou, then hold a banquet yuefeng building, ready to introduce Jiang Jing to this few of your children know.None of his noble friends had ever been to the border area of lingnan. They heard that they were miss Lingnan, and they were extremely beautiful. Most of all, they did not look like women in the South of the Yangtze River.But xie Erchilde sent to dress up as jiang girl’s maid but can not find people, this can really nasty Xie Erchilde, kept calling small slaves to the door kou waiting.The slave thought, “If the girl doesn’t come back, Childe will tear down the Yuefeng Building.”Jiang Jing came back slowly with her brother Zhang and Brother Cui.When she set out from Gaozhou Prefecture, she was confused about how to address people and asked Feng Ang. Feng Ang looked at her very strangely, “Aren’t they two counselors of the Gao Liang Army?If you don’t call him two men, what do you want?””Along the way are called counselors, too publicity, I am not a general, a woman in the hall with two counselors to travel, let the soldiers in the high cool how to think?”Feng Ang ignored her, feel that she is nothing to find things, she also inconvenient to ask, can only get along awkwardness.”Now I know what to call my brothers.”Jiang Jing thought deliciously.”Oh, the girl has come back at last, and I am turning into a stone.”A small slave saw three people, busy running down, pulling Jiang Jing rushed upstairs, leaving zhang Cui two people puzzling, you and I look.Being dragged to bath and change clothes, and was killed to toss some, Jiang Jing has experience, closed his eyes to rest, let those handmaid play with.Until they softly wake up: “girl, next time to go out in the sun, must take a good curtain, otherwise will sunburn skin.”Jiang Jing said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, we tall and cool women are busy every day and don’t care about these appearances.””The girl has not fallen in love with the man, know that the woman is pleased with the face, the girl at that time accounting.”A maidservant veiled low smile, Jiang Jing also smiled but not a word.The second floor was still set up for the banquet, but the area was as big as three or four wing rooms. Xie Erzi sat on the chairman, and there was an empty table beside his right hand. The other sons sat on either side of Xie Erzi according to the table.Jiang Jing is wearing the long skirt of large light green float yi and come, skirt is embroidered on the daisies of light yellow, spread all the way, imitate if brought whole spring, originally a little hot space becomes cool and refreshing all of a sudden rise.The window by the lake was open, the breeze bursts, blowing her scarf on her arm, gently floating to the back, blowing zhang Mingwei and Cui Zhihao’s hand, two people only feel bursts of fragrant wind, refreshing.Jiang Jing raised her head and held out her chest, looking at all the people in the audience with a half-smile on her face.She gently bend low body, to the public blessing a salute, smile and say: “little girl Lingnan Jiang Jing, have seen each childe.”Led by her maid, she went to the table and sat down slowly. Zhang Mingwei and Cui Zhihao followed.”These three are my friends in Dayu. They are close friends of Lady Xian of Lingnan, and they are also famous members of the high family.”With a smile, Xie erzi said, “You should also greet Miss Jiang.”Jiang Jing hurriedly said: “You gentlemen, jiang Jing dare not accept. I will drink a toast to you. Please don’t laugh at me because I come from a barbarian land and don’t know how to behave.”Put your sleeve over the cup and drink it down.In the number of people, all are famous in the South of the Yangtze River, this thought Xie Er exaggerated, really want to make friends with Jiang Jing and others, but not to hide the heart of curiosity, reluctantly dinner.Now saw jiang Jing, beginning to know Xie er or describe insufficient, but want to seriously describe, and really no words, in short, and usually see the high gate woman without the same, it is wonderful.As it was a formal party, Jiang Jing found that everything in the room was exquisite. On the four corners of the wall were tallow candles with 24 candle heads as high as one person, and the flames were burning so high that the room was as bright as day.There is also a large incense burner under the candle, curling incense floating out from the incense burner, filled the room.In front of each seat sat a maid, pouring wine and serving food, serving them softly.The childe in the seat are powder daub fragrance, clothes delicate, loose form, very casual.Rice case around the middle of the shop has a soft blanket, there is a dance and song ji in the diffuse dance light song, can not say the tu mi wei mi.”I heard miss Jiang used to study Chinese with Mr. Chen an in lingnan. I think she must be good at chess and painting. Can you let me open my eyes?”Jiang Jing is in a trance, suddenly listen to a recline on the side of the female body of the red son said to her.”To tell you the truth, Mr. Chen ‘an did teach me how to write and ink, but Jiang Jing is stupid and only knows a few words, but nothing about talent.”Jiang Jing answered seriously.”I don’t believe you. Mr. Chen is very strict in his selection and will never be forced by others. If you have no merit, it is impossible for him to favor you.The young man in red is aggressive.”Silence, river girl far is a guest, I should do the landlord’s friendship, you dance posture outstanding, dance a song first, cast a brick to attract jade, how?”Another childe said with a smile.”Well, I’ll dance.”The childe in red is quite cheerful, and immediately got up and went to dance with her among the dancers.The red coat is fluttering, the white pink noodles are more lined with black eyes, the red lips are like blood, indescribable seductive charm.Jiang Jing had heard From Master Chen an that many aristocratic men in the south of the Yangtze River were good at dancing, such as sword dance and mask dance, which were more masculine than women’s dance and were very popular.But Jiang Jing view today, but do not appreciate, only feel this person than a woman also like a woman, feminine gas is too heavy.After a dance, jiang Jing looked in red, Jiang Jing helpless, just want to stand up and answer.Cui Zhihao, who was sitting at the bottom, stood up, clapped his hands together and said, “My girl is from the countryside. She only likes farming in the field. Brother Zhang and I are also rough people, but we know something about fist and foot sword.Not everyone should be good, has picked up the sword stepped into the atrium, pull up the sword flower dance.Cui Zhihao has been serving as a recruit instructor in the High Liang Army, his swordsmanship is to combat, in order to be able to hit on the battlefield, defeat the enemy, so pay attention to “fast, accurate, ruthless”, not noble children empty showy, only for performance and comparison.But the public saw his figure flying, not see the sword light where, not by admiration, they know this is true kung fu.A sword dance finish, Cui Zhihao arch hand stand, face is not red, breath is not out of breath, say: “let the many childe see smile.”Then calm back seat.Zhang Mingwei then sat upright, saying, “I would like to serve the banquet of my master, and serve the banquet of my master.”He is different from Cui Zhihao, Zhang Mingwei is to blame hou background, the two armies against each other, is responsible for spy on the enemy, collect all kinds of information, his boxing is particular about “light, spirit, live”, dancing, jumping and moving, flexible very, than the red childe silent dance elegant and beautiful, but the fist wind huo Huo, not to be underestimated.They saw jiang Jing with guards have been so bad, want to Jiang Jing is not simple, dare not force.Xie Erchilde busy ha ha, mediation, people again a push to let, the atmosphere was active.”Miss Jiang’s interest is so unique, unique in the world, but one of us can certainly help miss you.”Drink another round, a childe with drunk said: “Who don’t know xie two liangtian thousand hectares, countless workshops, rich, you want to see what his home have, you let him take you to see, why run around?””That xie er childe wishes to take a little girl to go?”Jiang Jing listened and smiled at Xie Erchilde.”Childe I have never set foot in such pickled place, but for the girl you, some would like to break this example, who call beautiful person would like xi, son difficult to say?”Xie Er Childe also smiled at Jiang Jing and said.For a time everyone is happy, until the dawn.