“Snow shrew knife line” xuan yuan Green front: the world where?

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I am a girl who even my parents can’t say I hate being a girl.I was born in huishan Snow ping, this place in the river’s lake famous, jiangdong xuanyuan family bully wulin.As the eldest son of xuanyuan city, I should have all the fame and wealth in the world, but because I am the daughter of Xuanyuan city, these have become a joke.A joke the world knows.Many people say THAT I am paranoid and extreme, but born in a regulus family, with unspeakable parents, what should I do?Father this word, should be a mountain, can withstand all the wind and sand, but my father, in addition to sitting by the window all day reading, no tree.Mother this word, this should be a bay of water, can wash all the grievances, but my mother, brought me all the grievances, never warm me.I am a person who even my parents can hardly tell. This lofty snow flat is the heart of the people in Wulin, but it is the place where I have been trapped all my life.After I grow up, when I can leave Hui Hill, I do not hesitate to leave, if I can, I hope I will never come back.You don’t have to deal with a weak father, an unfaithful mother, a dysfunctional family.I am ashamed of my name.For many years, although I am under the name of the regulus family, but never to regulus daughter.I like to watch the world’s most ordinary fireworks, like to listen to the bustling people coming and going.(2) Where are the men?I never think oneself beautiful, this river’s lake, beautiful is the fatal weakness.But regulus old ancestor regulus big rock took a fancy to me, and I in addition to death, is to accept fate.I racked my brains and couldn’t think of a third way.I looked at speechless father, silent mother, I actually feel very sad.In this world, no one is willing to fight for me.I hate only those who are not strong enough to kill me.That day, I remember very clearly, sunny day showers.Father Xuanyuan jingcheng declared war on the old father regulus big rock, I despise my father’s overreach, but also feel glad, at least someone stood in front of me, for me to withstand the wind and frost.I had never seen my father clearly. He was never a wimp. He just thought there was a house of gold in the book.As soon as my father, who had never practiced martial arts, entered Confucianism and Holiness, I finally saw that high mountain rising from the ground.The battle was won and lost.The despised father, who fought only once in his life, died protecting his daughter.Regulus died, and so did his father.I was still in shock, regulus house position, fell to my head.My father, it never rains but it pours.I looked at xu Fengnian, the prince of the Northern Liang dynasty, who was holding an umbrella against the rain for me. This was the way my father had planned for me.I made a deal with Xu Fengnian and watched him leave.I was busy with the affairs of Emblem Hill until the news of my mother’s death came, and in a short time both my parents died.I looked at the huge Hui Mountain, but felt there was no branch to rely on.I am addicted to martial arts, I want to be the strongest one.I want my father to know that his daughter is the best woman in the world.I want to let the world know, Regulus green feng father Xuanyuan jing city, is never a loser!I invite the world heroes, in the spring spirit lake challenge, I Xuanyuan Qingfeng to do, do the first female league of the river’s lake Wulin.I waved my sword and stood on the Spring Spirit Lake, watching the fallen warriors around me. It was a tribute to my ability.I Xuanyuan Qingfeng even without parents can rely on, still can with their own hold up a piece of heaven and earth.I know, in the north, in Beiliang, there is a big battle coming, Beiliang versus Beiliang.Beiliang tieqi do is to protect behind thousands of civilians chenghuan knee, and I want to do, is to take the blood of the Wulin personage, rushed to Beiliang, help Beiliang.I am not for Xu Fengnian, he Xu Fengnian can do for the world, I yuan qingfeng woman’s body, as not worse than him.”The Barbarians of the North, a million of them young and strong, are already on the border. Where are my sons?Where are the men?”I looked at the hustle and bustle of war, with people rushed to Beiliang.In the great War against beicheng, 18 commanders held off 400, 000 Beimang troops.And me, I’m 1/18.I stood on the wall, looking at the distant bustling heads, MY heart is not afraid, only feel heroic sky.If this is the end for me, then what a big curtain call?When I wake up, I’m still alone my whole life, I can’t help it.Born in regulus home, see all dirty things.Father and mother left overnight, I ascended high, but was an orphan.No one asked me, can want to be born in regulus?No one asked me, would I like to be regulus master?No one has ever asked me what I want to own.For the first half of my life, I’ve been pushed by fate.This time, I finally made my own decisions and chose an ending for myself.I traded wounds for lives, and today, I’m not ready to go back alive.I looked up at the sky and saw my father’s calm face reading a book by the window.I waited for death, for the destination of my choice.But I didn’t die. Someone saved me.It was a big battle, and it was a big victory.But the final result was that Xu Fengnian retired to the mountains.I looked at xu Fengnian in front of me, I had to admit that I had been tempted.But he had a wife, a beautiful woman, a sweetheart.There are so many women around him. I think it’s too crowded.I made a pact with Xu Fengnian for ten years. I thought it was enough to see him once every ten years.After all, Xu Fengnian was not a father and would not spend his whole life with a sweetheart.And I, just want a person to keep me, warm I never warm soul.I looked at The back of Xu Fengnian riding away, I think of that year a heavy rain, he held an umbrella for me to cover the rain.And today, it finally cleared up.I am still hui mountain snow flat regulus home Lord, central Plains martial arts to my honour.I thought, if this is a dream how good.After waking up, I was still a girl in her father’s arms, like her father telling about a dream for decades.But I woke up too early.Wake up, I still alone, this life, the end is not!Note: If you like this article, please share and comment.