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With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic automobile market, major automobile manufacturers are also trying their best to scoop up people, hoping to win more potential target customers for themselves and further grab market share.Byd is more prescient in this respect, recently, its Song MAX new energy store in Foshan area, for some specific models to carry out promotional policies for a limited time!Today, take song MAX new energy top matching models as an example, to briefly say about this car for you.Byd Juhui car buying season, BYD models of freezing price, value package, ultra-low down payment and other multiple good!Intimate dealers for your professional customization of low down payment and low interest financial scheme, so that you buy a car without pressure!Every month, the customer service manager will organize and invite the owners to participate in the owner club activities such as watching movies, barbecues and self-driving trips.Buy the car immediately enjoy 24 hours rescue service, let you use the car no worries!- Flagship authorized dealer in Guangdong region, exclusive access to manufacturers and preferential support.Byd Foshan Andy tong store to provide you with professional consultants, perfect service, happy car buying experience.Sales, replacement, loan, insurance, licensing, after-sales one-stop 24 hours of perfect service, car without worry.Enjoy exquisite gifts upon arrival!Byd Foshan Andy tong is BYD five-star after-sales service station, more value extended warranty products for your choice, let your car more than a guarantee, buy a car more assured, warmly welcome you to the store inquiry ~ let’s take a Lao Lao Song Max new energy this car……The car features driver-assist imaging, automatic parking and other assistance/control features that make the driving experience much easier.There is 4.4L ultra-low fuel consumption for 100km, 1090KM long endurance to get rid of endurance anxiety, 7.9sec 100km acceleration.When it comes to space, xiaobian feels that everyone on the Internet has a measure of space only second to “appearance” disagreement.However, it is understandable that cars and cars are their own business. Take the 2022 DM-I 105KM Executive version for example. The trunk volume of 652L, the wheelbase size of 2785mm and the length, width and height of the body of 4710mm, 1810mm and 1880mm,I believe we can see here should be able to have a general understanding of the space, with 6 seats of it, the seat also contains before and after adjustment + backrest adjustment + high and low adjustment (2 to) adjustment mode, for different use scenarios, space adjustment is relatively flexible.Didn’t see enough?Not enough prospective car owners can go to Foshan City chancheng District foshan Road 83, Foshan (international) north District 2 block 8-10 to the store test drive, but also want to know more concessions and models?Call 0757-82781891 any time for a bonus!