State Grid Shenyang Power Supply Company: This favor, we must help!

2022-06-14 0 By

“There are epidemic prevention workers who need to get out of the car. It seems that the garage has a power outage, so the rolling curtain door can’t be opened. Could you help repair it for our community?”On April 5, State Grid Shenyang power supply company Liang Hongchun class Lei Feng Communist party member service team received the big east district chenghui Garden small area property manager for help.After receiving a call for help, monitor Chen Xiongbo led the service team members immediately came to the scene of the fault, 22 garages in the community due to power failure can not open the rolling gate, happened to have epidemic prevention front-line personnel need to drive to work.The property company cannot buy maintenance materials due to the epidemic, and the electrical and maintenance masters in the community are currently quarantined at home and cannot carry out maintenance.After on-site investigation, the fault is caused by the damage of the main line of the user’s self-maintenance return line, and the lines used to each garage are connected from this main line. If the power supply of each household is restored, the main line can only be set up again.According to the planned plan, the service team immediately began to extend the service, after replacing the main line of the four units of the garage line to reinstall the wire, after nearly an hour of intensive repair, replaced 50 meters of low-voltage wire, for each garage to restore the normal electricity, to ensure that the epidemic prevention personnel to work.(Du Yan shi Zhihong)