Take orders in the face of danger!Rodriguez replaces Srissac and will fight for the world title this weekend

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In the early morning of February 1, 2022 Beijing time, famous boxing journalist Michael Benson reported,A last-minute substitute was called in after Thailand’s former WBC world champion Srisaket Sor Rungvisai was forced to pull out of this weekend’s bout due to illness.If nothing goes wrong, American junior Jesse Rodriguez will replace Srisakte Saul Rungwiese this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, to fight former world champion Carlos Cuadras for the vacant WBC super-weight world championship belt.After hearing the news, I confirmed that I didn’t believe the young fighter would jump the ranks to fight for the world title, because he had previously fought in the rope weight division.But the world title fight may also be an opportunity for the 22-year-old to test his credentials at a higher, heavier level.However, carlos Quadras, the veteran former world champion of the super-roleweight division, will also be the most formidable opponent Jesse Rodriguez has faced in his professional boxing career.Carlos Quadras, 33, has won 39 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw in 44 fights since making his professional boxing debut in May 2008.In May 2014, Carlos Quadras won the WBC super ropeweight title against Srisacat Saul Rungwiese. He has also won six world title fights.It wasn’t until September 10, 2016, that Carlos Quadras was dethroned from the world championship by romain Gonzalez, the superstar of the super-rope weight division.Carlos Quadras has fought eight world title fights to date, and two of his world title losses came against the best current super-ropeweight duo, Roman Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada.It can be seen that Carlos Quadras’ strength in the super rope level belongs to the top existence.By comparison, Jesse Rodriguez’s 14 wins from 14 fights is a little less impressive because Rodriguez has never fought a world title fight and has faced mediocre opponents in the past.But carlos Quadras hasn’t played in a year and a half, and his status is still up in the air.So I can’t say Jesse Rodriguez has no chance to win this weekend.Jesse Rodriguez played just one game last year.In October of last year, Jesse Rodriguez received a lot of attention for his KO win over Mexican fighter Jose Burgos.Just a few days ago, Jesse Rodriguez signed a multi-fight promotion deal with Eddie Hearn’s Arena Room Boxing Promotion.When he officially announced his signing with Arena Room Boxing Promotion company on January 28, Jesse Rodriguez said he hoped Eddie Hearn’s influence in professional boxing would help him fight for a world title.Surprisingly, in the past three days, Jesse Rodriguez’s wish has come true.By the way, the event organizers of this weekend’s fight have made it clear that Thai fighter Srisakte Saul Rungwisai, who has been withdrawn from the fight due to illness, has absolutely no coronavirus, so there is no need to worry about his health at the event venue or the event staff who have been in contact with him.Original article, hope to get your approval.Fighting vision will continue to bring you attention to the arena dynamics, your love, is the biggest motivation for my creation.Like the comment on the point of attention to me, not lost!# Professional boxing