Thank you!Brother cities and states!

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When the call comes, blow the trumpets.Siping, Tonghua, Baishan, Meihekou and other places were deployed overnight and embarked on the journey — together with Changchun to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties!Siping: 539 medical staff and 355 public security police were dispatched to Kuancheng district at 6 am on The 3rd, and all arrived and put into work before 8 am.At present, all police officers are distributed in 11 police stations in Kuanchong District, responsible for the static management of 180 lock-in communities and road surface under their jurisdiction, as well as patrol prevention and control.All nucleic acid samplers have also been distributed to the relevant work.Notice of strengthening static management shall be issued throughout the region, and closed management shall be strictly implemented to minimize the gathering and movement of personnel.We will strengthen closed-loop management of nursing homes, schools, markets, construction sites and other key places.At the same time, we will focus on the establishment of a flat command system, draw up small combat units, give play to the role of sunken cadres, integrate the working forces of government officials, communities and property management, and ensure that all deployment requirements are implemented in detail.We will do our best to ensure people’s basic living needs, and do everything possible to ensure supplies, emergency services, and support for key groups.Tonghua, “program” in place, build fortresses, entered the crucial status on April 2nd, tonghua consists of eight xiaosha players, 15 community managers and leaders of 10 members of the headquarters, work on an overnight trip green park, set up a city, district, street, community flattening command system, specific tasks.On April 3, 650 “working teams” from all counties and districts of Tonghua city arrived at the green Garden one after another. They were quickly organized into four teams and were mainly responsible for nucleic acid sampling of residents in each neighborhood.Staff of the headquarters also came to the construction site of the makeshift hospital to guide the work, and went to the community to check the control situation, and strictly implemented the social meeting control measures.In the Northeast Asia logistics market, the on-site staff were instructed to completely eliminate the internal environment of the market, so as to make full preparations for the timely resumption of the market operation and the smooth supply channels.At 4pm, tonghua support working group and Green Park held the first matching meeting, clarifying the responsibilities of environmental elimination, personnel transfer, material supply and other aspects of work, and organized the first round of nucleic acid testing in the evening, and all the test results on April 4 have been returned.On April 3, baishan Municipal Party Committee and Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone visited Jingyue High-tech Zone in Changchun and held a matchmaking meeting to listen to the situation.Baishan city’s first batch of more than 500 sampling, disinfection, flow adjustment personnel have arrived in jingyue High-tech Zone on the morning of April 3 to work.At the same time, baishan city and Changbai Mountain protection development zone 9 counties (cities, districts) more than 5,000 staff are gathering training and deployment of supplies, and jingyue high-tech zone cadres and the masses hand in hand to fight the epidemic, and strive to win the battle of annihilation in the shortest possible time.We should carry out nucleic acid testing in a scientific way, rationally divide the areas of 20 mixed samples, 10 mixed samples and single sampling and single testing, identify the source of transmission as quickly as possible, and ensure that the source of transmission is isolated and treated as thoroughly as possible.At the same time, strengthen control, improve services, scientific and precise zoning and hierarchical control, strictly implement all control measures.We will spare no effort to ensure the basic needs of the people, make every effort to ensure the supply of daily necessities, provide emergency services, and protect key groups. We will work to ensure that people’s demands are met in a coordinated manner as soon as possible.Meihekou: The 5,000-member team is the order to fight the epidemic, and prevention and control is the responsibility.On the afternoon of April 2, Meihekou city immediately held a meeting to study and formulate a work plan, and mobilized organizations to implement it overnight.On April 3 morning, meihekou to professional medical workers, cadres and nearly 5000 epidemic prevention and control of the public security police task force, filled with changchun city people’s profound friendship and winning social reset battle to win the confidence, to take 100 bus, ten of the china-pakistan, 50 police car arrived in changchun, as sharp, quick fix.The task force quickly entered the working state and carried out regimental operations in different theater zones.Five war zones are divided around “four streets and one town” in Changchun Economic Development Zone, and 1,000 sampling teams are formed. Each sampling team is composed of one medical worker, three cadres of government agencies (one of whom is a cadre of Changchun Economic Development Zone) and one community worker. Each sampling team is responsible for the division of sampling tasks of 200 households.Centralized sampling shall be carried out in containment, control and prevention areas, nucleic acid testing shall be carried out, basic information screening of residents shall be conducted, and disinfection shall be carried out.On the same day, 195 communities with a total of 204,000 households were screened and tested to ensure that no one was missed in the first round of testing, the warehouse was cleared to the bottom, and the basic information ledger of each household was established.The province is a chess game, up and down a heart, twisted into a rope.Teams from all parts of the province went to all districts of Changchun on April 3 to resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.– Liaoyuan city organized another 376 team to go to Changchun Automobile Opening District, including 3 leaders, 175 medical workers, 53 public security policemen and 145 code sweepers;– A medical team of 280 medical professionals from Yanbian Prefecture assembled and left Yanji for Nanguan District of Changchun.– Songyuan set up a working team of health, public security, commerce, industry and information technology departments, and sent 100 police officers and 390 medical workers to Changchun New Area to further strengthen the anti-epidemic force in changchun New Area.– 325 volunteers from the Volunteer Vanguard of Party members and cadres of Tongyu County in Baicheng arrived in Changchun to carry out volunteer service in the front lines of epidemic prevention and control in Nanguan, Chaoyang and Erdao districts, forming a strong joint force with community epidemic prevention and control personnel…Thank all the brothers and sisters who helped Changchun thank you!You worked hard!Source: Jilin Daily Changchun published editor: Liu Biying Directed by: Chen Sixiu proofread: Wang Genyue Supervised by: Xie Xiaohui