Be careful!The false wisdom of futures trading

2022-06-15 0 By

Be careful!Trading, after a period of learning, suddenly there is a feeling of Epiphany.Every trader has to have many epiphanies, and the epiphanies are failures. We should be wary of these fake epiphanies.1. Fake Epiphany: rise short, fall long.This is obvious bottom bottom touch top, belong to contrarian gimmick.When it comes to big trends, it’s easy to blow up.2. False Epiphany: Long above the moving average, short below it.This kind of technique met concussion, price fluctuates around average line, namely repeatedly stop loss.3. Fake insight: low volume long, high volume short.The high and the low are relative, the high is still higher, the low is still lower, and after increasing the quantity, maybe there is still a larger quantity.4. Fake Epiphany: Accelerating the opening of positions at the end.There is no certainty about this approach. Recently, soybean meal accelerated at the end of the day and opened sharply lower the next day.5. Fake epiphanies: Only do large cycles.It’s no good doing small cycles, it’s no good doing big cycles.Do big cycles have trends?Is the big cycle now trending?6. Fake epiphanies: Fixed trading cycles.Fixed trading cycles don’t work if you can’t find the right signals.7. Fake Epiphany: Gold fork long, dead fork short.Encountered repeated shocks, the gold fork at the beginning, immediately dead fork.Average dead fork, you just want to short, while is gold fork.8. False Epiphany: increased open positions.Open position was just increased by 10,000 lots, and immediately reduced by 20,000 lots in the next period.How to do?What is it, something more reliable?I used to observe the resonance of the market, according to the linkage of the open position.In fact, this approach also has a great deal of uncertainty.So be in awe of the market and strictly stop your losses!I have more than 100 trading articles on my home page, follow me, leave a comment like favorites, let’s talk about trading!Futures # #