Beijing economic development zone on the “no waste” road

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In the industrial field, it took the lead in writing the source reduction of solid waste into the Cleaner Production Management Measures of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to reduce the generation of solid waste from the whole production process of enterprises;It is proposed for the first time to implement the unified collection and storage management of hazardous waste in the commercial industrial park.The Catalogue of General Industrial Solid Waste Classification in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone was innovatively compiled…A series of “firsts” have accompanied the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone’s pilot trip to build a “waste-free city”.As one of the national “11+5” pilot cities in 2019, Beijing Economic development Zone makes full use of the opportunity of the municipal empowerment of “Yizhuang New Town” to build a scientific “waste-free city” policy system.Explore green core industry upgrade to drive the whole industry chain waste reduction quality, hazardous waste management “housekeeper type service, service digital management of whole life cycle of industrial solid waste, urban green” no waste park “in circulation model, city living garbage classification production integration, foster market system construction of power energy saving and environmental protection industry and treat waste path.Green manufacturing System is getting Better and better For Beijing Economic and Development Zone, where high-end manufacturing enterprises gather, green manufacturing system is indispensable on the road of “no waste”.”Leading enterprises build green supply chains, key enterprises build green factories, the whole industrial chain to promote green product research and development, through the construction of green supply chain to constrain the solid waste generation intensity of enterprises in the whole chain.”According to the relevant person in charge of the management committee of the Economic development Zone, 5 green supply chains have been built and 31 state-level green factories have been approved.The most typical example is Beijing Benz.In its logistics workshop, the most intuitive change is the parts packing box.These “giant storage cabinets” from the traditional carton, wooden box, into parts “tailored” recyclable packaging boxes.Bbac has achieved solid waste management in the whole chain from source reduction, resource utilization to final disposal.Green manufacturing should not only be “self-preservation”, but also “benefit the world”.Bbac has led more than 400 first-class suppliers to sign green manufacturing commitment letters, is establishing bBAC green supplier access standards stricter than the national standards, has carried out BBAC green certification for 10 pilot suppliers, and promotes more supply chain enterprises to build national green factories.Bbac’s green supply chain construction system has become the benchmark of the strictest green standard in the domestic automobile manufacturing industry.Industrial park without waste, is difficult to chew “hard bone”.In order to solve the problem of incomplete classification and statistics, the development zone initiated the Classification List of General Industrial solid Waste and launched the intelligent waste-free information management system platform to build a digital management mode that serves the whole life cycle of industrial solid waste.The platform has completed the statistics of the basic data of general industrial solid waste, hazardous waste and industrial circular economy of more than 400 enterprises in the zone, and is promoting the full traceability management mode of general industrial solid waste electronic single.For plugging point more hazardous waste reduction, recycling, recycling utilization, a large number of biological medicine laboratory of biomedical park for the pilot, to develop “the Beijing e-town biomedical park of hazardous waste management pilot scheme”, the introduction of a third party in factory service, transferring each company every year in the park hazardous waste storage costs by 40%.In order to promote the waste – free construction of industrial parks, the Economic development Zone is compiling the Implementation Guide of Waste – Free Construction of Industrial Parks, which provides industrial park organization and management, top-level planning and design, enterprises and communities practice and other aspects of industrial park construction standards.At the same time, a set of management index system to guide the construction of “waste free city” in industrial parks is formulated in accordance with the management Index System of “Waste free City” in Beijing Economic development Zone.There are clever ways to reduce the amount of waste in commercial buildings. How to deal with the business parks with many enterprises?In Beijing Economic and Development Zone, there are more than 100 business industrial parks with their own characteristics, providing tailor-made RESEARCH and development, production and office space for enterprises.A new market system of solid waste recycling and utilization with closed-loop development capability is taking shape.Located at No. 28 Ronghua Road, Yicheng Fortune Center is the first commercial park in Beijing economic development Zone to launch the unified management of solid waste.”In the past, garbage classification was mainly put into trash cans.Yicheng Wealth Center takes a different path.”Wang Haitao, chairman of Beijing Jinyu ‘ao Environmental Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., said there are many companies in the park.In the past, due to the lack of a unified solid waste management system, it was inconvenient to carry out efficient garbage classification and recovery;Lack of information management platform, data statistics difficult;The cost of cleaning and transporting other garbage and kitchen waste increases year by year, which often leads to the backlog of garbage, and there are problems such as large area and environmental pollution.Aiming at these pain points, Jin Yu ‘ao uses the technology mode of Internet of Things and Internet integration to develop an intelligent data cloud platform for unified solid waste management, and at the same time integrate the construction of solid waste classification and delivery station, other waste extrusion station, kitchen waste biodegradation station and recyclable material transfer station.Set up garbage sorting buckets in the office area of the customer enterprise, and the cleaning staff will come to the door every day for recycling.The change was immediate.In the past, there were more than 60 barrels of daily household garbage, which had to be removed 2 or 3 times a day.Now, the daily average of other garbage more than 30 barrels, supporting professional extrusion equipment, extruded garbage 3 to 4 days to transport once.At the same time, with the help of smart recycling cabinets and offline garbage sorters, a total of 3,500 kilograms of paper, 90,000 bottles, 50 kilograms of metal and 700 kilograms of foam have been recovered, and an integrated solid waste management model of selling recyclables, on-site disposal of kitchen waste and compression and storage of other wastes has been initially formed.Now, the solid waste management service concept created by Jin Yu ‘ao has covered 38 parks and office buildings in the development zone, realizing the closed loop operation of harmless, resource recovery and reduction of solid waste in the park.The green lifestyle is becoming a trend and the construction of a “waste free city” requires the cooperation of every participant.Beijing economic development zone community garbage classification is also quite distinctive.”Since 2019, JINGdong Living Space Station project has cooperated with ronghua Street Working Committee and office of Economic Development District to innovate the ‘Internet + source classification’ model and create a digital platform for community garbage classification by taking kitchen waste and recyclables classification as the entry point.”Jingdong retail group life services business group no waste city project leader Mo Bin told reporters that the exchange of points is one of the important ways, Ronghua Street Jingdong classification station, but also to solve the common difficulties and problems of garbage classification in the community.”Easy to pick up and deliver.The store offers a wide variety of goods at a more affordable price, which effectively motivates residents to participate in garbage sorting.”Mr Lin said.Jingdong takes the classification of kitchen waste and recyclables as the entry point to form an “Internet + source classification” model in Ronghua Street.”One household for one code” to establish exclusive QR code for residents in the community, “one household for one bucket” to achieve the classification and collection of kitchen waste, “one household for one bag” to promote the classification and delivery of recyclables.By utilizing the platform system of JD Life, a full-link solution for garbage classification, the recyclables are incorporated into the platform system, and the collection weight, collection times, collection points and back-end collection and transportation of recyclables are managed in fine detail.After more than a year of pilot, the point exchange has played an important role in promoting the formation of residents’ awareness and habit of source classification.In order to further meet the actual needs of residents’ community life and give play to its advantages in goods, services and logistics supply chain, Jingdong community convenience service small program — Jingxuan Community launched in March 2021 around the “Quarter hour convenience life circle”.Relying on the commodity and service supply chain capability of JINGdong, the exchange of daily necessities for community residents has further mobilized the enthusiasm of community residents to continue to participate in garbage sorting.So far, among 19,060 permanent residents in 19 communities in Ronghua Subdistrict, the proportion of participating in the points is as high as 96%, and green lifestyle is becoming a trend.With the expansion of user scale and the improvement of activity, the human cost of project operation is expected to be covered.Mo bin said that in the future, we may try to set up advertising promotion in the form of new media on the classified space station platform to subsidize costs, and hope to embed more services for the elderly, such as high-quality services such as domestic cleaning, nanny care and home appliance cleaning on JD Housekeeping.(Economic Daily reporter Yang Xuecong) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of delivering more information.If the source 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