Ben Tiger in spring, a beautiful day

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Sanxiang City Daily · New Hunan client all media reporter Ding Pengzhi/video He Jiajie 2022, The New Year, Ben To beautiful tiger!Sanxiang Metropolis Daily is sending blessings to everyone for the New Year of the Tiger.I wish everyone in the New Year, tiger tiger living, to the beautiful.Ben, now only four months old, was adopted by Sanxiang Metropolis Daily at sanzhen Tiger Park in Changsha county.Sanzhen Tiger Park, located in Jinjing Town of Changsha city, is a perfect place to watch tigers in the Year of tiger.Into the baby tiger feeding area, far away you can see the cute cute tiger.In order to welcome the upcoming Lunar Year of the Tiger, park staff also specially for the tiger cubs to wear “Good luck in the Year of the Tiger” headdress.The round head, paired with cartoon accessories, is very attractive.It is understood that Changsha Sanzhen Tiger Park is the largest tiger breeding base in Hunan Province, and is also the Hunan Forestry Tiger breeding demonstration base awarded by hunan Forestry Department.Staff introduction, three Jane tiger park in the main breeding of the Siberian tiger, Bengal white tiger 2 kinds of animals.The first stage is for adult tigers, and the second stage is for young tigers bred in the park, about 2-3 years old.The park has also prepared a series of activities to welcome the Year of the Tiger.From now until December 31, 2022, all tiger owners with valid ID cards can enjoy free admission to the park.There are also the “most Beautiful tiger teeth” photo wall and the baby tiger born one month wine event.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]