Drop 300 yuan straight to hand!The Mi 12X has finally come down in price and the Snapdragon 870 flagship is the first choice

2022-06-15 0 By

Among the new products of this year, Mi 12 is a model with a very comprehensive product layout, which can be divided into mi 12 Pro, MI 12 and MI 12X. Among them, Mi 12X adopts snapdragon 870 chip, and its small size can be controlled with one hand and its hardware configuration is not bad. Is this product very popular?Now, just two months after the launch, the price of Mi 12X has begun to loosen, 300 yuan cheaper than the release price, now should be a better time to buy.The Mi 12X is powered by A Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip that still works, but in other respects, the phone is almost identical to the MI 12, with A high-spec screen, A DisplayMate A+ rating, and an overall weight of 176g and A width of 69.9mm, which makes it ideal for one-handed control.The phone is also equipped with SONY IMX766 main camera and 1300W pixel ultra wide Angle and 500W pixel telephoto macro, which is a standard flagship phone.The mi 12X not only has the same specs as the Mi 12, but also looks exactly the same, including some of its technical selling points, such as stereo dual speakers and Harman Carton tuning.The phone is also equipped with infrared remote control and NFC.Quick charge support 67W cable quick charge, battery capacity 4500mAh.With the Steady performance of the Snapdragon 870 and Xiaomi’s enhanced cooling design, there’s really nothing to fall short of.Judging by actual sales, however, the Snapdragon 870 May have been a bit of an afterthought.Monthly sales of the phone are currently less than half that of the Mi 12, the most popular model in the range, followed by the Mi 12 Pro and the Mi 12X, at least according to JD.com.After all, there are many competing products for the Snapdragon 870, and even Xiaomi has its own hongmi K40, which is a cost-effective killer. Xiaomi 12X still needs to maintain a price advantage despite its high specifications.Currently, mi 12X has three configurations: 8GB+128GB version can be obtained at 2899 YUAN, 8GB+256GB version can be obtained at 3199 yuan, and 12GB+256GB version can be obtained at 3499 yuan. Although these prices are not advantageous in Snapdragon 870, they are quite good.In general, Mi 12X is a stable flagship. Although the performance is not as good as Snapdragon 8 Gen1, it can be very balanced in all aspects. However, there are many competitors, so the price of Mi 12X May make people confused.However, it is still worth considering after the price reduction. After all, no matter xiaomi, MIUI13 or small-screen flagship, they are also very good selling points.