“Livelihood transmission” this section of the National exhibition road this year no longer flooded

2022-06-15 0 By

On April 1, guozhan Road (yangzhou Vocational University gymnasium to Wenchangxi section) water point renovation project implementation design unit, this section of the road will say no to water.After years of regulation, urban water points have been few, into the mop up stage.This year, the city will guozhan Road (yangzhou Vocational University gymnasium to wenchang west section) water point renovation into the urban construction plan, is about to enter substantive construction.The diameter of the catchment pipe on this section of road is smaller than that of the municipal storm water pipe network, resulting in poor drainage in rainstorm weather and water accumulation on the road surface.The renovation is mainly to replace the small underground drainpipe with a large diameter drainpipe, about 750 meters in length, to solve the problem of poor drainage.Editor: Han Qian