Make a deal!Barcelona close to signing Azpilicueta!Two midfielders are expected to join

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It has been a difficult season for Barcelona coach Joan laporta and xavi.They are facing a very difficult situation both on the pitch and in terms of running the team.First, in various competitions, as the overall strength of the team declined significantly, Harvey had to try to offset the shortcomings of the team through his own tactics to improve the team’s combat effectiveness;Laporta’s efforts to clean up the “baggage” of the team and free up more cap space have been accompanied by his efforts to sign some quality players.Judging from the current situation, although the division of work of these two people is different, there is one thing very similar, that is, the work effect is very effective.First of all, laporta’s success in securing the transfer of a number of highly paid players and contract extensions has reduced the pressure on the club’s wage bill.In terms of player acquisition, Barca has attracted quite good reinforcements in front line and defence, and the overall strength is also recovering quickly.Especially in the past transfer window, the arrival of ferran Torres, Traore and other players, let the team has been significantly improved.Laporta almost single-handedly stopped Barcelona’s slide and helped the team get back on the right track.It can be foreseen that the resurgence of Barca has been equipped with the basic conditions for the “return of the king”.Secondly, in Xavi’s side, after coming to Barcelona, due to the lack of enough experience and beautiful resume, Xavi’s coaching prospects were not good.However, as his coaching philosophy is gradually absorbed by the team, Barca’s performance on the field is also more and more outstanding.Especially in the more closely watched conversations, Barca has shown the ability to “arm wrestle” with the top teams in these leagues.Although the premiership title is a long shot for them this season, finishing in the top four is almost certain at the end of the season.In addition to the overall technical and tactical aspects of the building, in the guidance and use of players, Xavi is also very thoughtful.Was, for example, the Spanish winger has long been considered only for defensive tactics, in the midst of Harvey’s tactical system, however, was showing off her side, that’s when in a small space, his ability to deal with the ball is also quite good, whether it is a breakthrough, or passing each other in coordination, he is handy.However, as opposed to this season’s “no – or – no” position, laporta and Xavi, they have their sights set on next season.Laporta will certainly continue to bring xavi his ideal players as the team continues to improve in the transfer market.The Netherlands international’s future is unclear as Xavi has expressed reservations about de Jong’s performance.Barca could choose to sell him if the right offer is made and use the transfer funds to bring him in.In addition to busquets this season has been a significant decline in form, Barca need to update the midfield lineup.AC Milan midfielder Casey is understood to be interested in a move to the Nou Camp.The top midfielder, valued at 48 million euros, is one of the team’s core players and is capable of attacking and defending.His salary demand is 8 million euros a year, which is not too much of a problem for Barcelona.In addition to Casey, Barca are also looking at another midfielder, he is playing for Betis fekiel.Fekiel has scored seven goals and made nine assists in 29 appearances in all competitions this season, completing 2.4 key passes and 2.2 passes per game. He has created 10 excellent scoring chances for his teammates this season and has become one of the best midfielders in La Liga.Barca want to sign the 28-year-old France international for a fee of 60 million euros, but Betis want at least 80 million euros, according to western media.However, the sale of de Jong is likely to be a prerequisite if Barca are to complete a transfer operation of Fekiel’s level.At the back, Barca’s priority is to keep Araujo.The 22-year-old centre-back has been one of the team’s most consistent defensive performers this season and barca have been pushing for a New Deal with just over a year left on his contract.From the current situation, Barca will eventually succeed in keeping Araujo’s hopes are high.Therefore, in the introduction of defence, Barca pay more attention to cost performance.Barca have secured azpilicueta at right-back, according to daily Sport.The two sides have reached an agreement on personal terms for the players.With azpilicueta out of contract at the end of the season, it means Barca are close to signing the 32-year-old Chelsea ace.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)