My mother-in-law from the old silly into a vegetable, said the truth, it is better to leave alive

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On the 14th day of the 12th lunar month, the first night when I moved into my hometown, the huge yard was empty. During the day, I occasionally heard the story of the new house haunted by the neighbors. The cry of owls in the broad yard was shrill and loud, and then I saw the pale and twisted face of my mother-in-law.I went on vacation. I came alone.My mother-in-law has been ill for eight years and has been in a vegetative state for four years.Dementia, from the beginning of paranoia, after two or three years, will only walk straight, do not speak, but will eat.Slowly, walk unbalanced, holding a car to walk, later children to help her walk, also can’t use chopsticks.What impressed me most was this: when my son went to see her, there was a flash of light in his eyes, but then the light went out and he sank into the darkness, into the bottomless abyss of being alone.It was just a moment of clarity.[wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind]] [breeze mother-in-law completely become a vegetable.Mother-in-law step by step to become a vegetable, there is no vivid yard of plants, branches and leaves will be swaying with the wind, rustling.She could do nothing but breathe and blink.She had no sense of defecation, and even if she had been fed for a month, she would not defecate on her own, to use the unsassy adjective “breathing flesh.”[wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] [wind] no awareness of defecation, urinary incontinence, which have dignity in life.We are 13 days to let her row, before defecation, belly bulging.We tried a variety of defecation drugs, and finally chose “senna” bubble water, very effective, generally drink 8-10 hours after the start of defecation, one or several times of very clean.I wonder why senna has such magical effects.If you don’t have this herb, what do you do?Is to suffocate the old man.Old man defecate, smelly room, cold days, also want to open the window.Mother-in-law use diapers day and night, day and night lying in bed, in the long run, changes the patient’s body and face it, her mother-in-law’s neck become like iron, whole body stiff, as dementia, it seems to the oil lamp on the dead walk, her mother-in-law lives like winter, deadwood, though lifeless, but still stubbornly standing on the earth.The bedsores kept coming and going, and now they had not been healed for two years, and had rotted into their true skin, and were blurred by flesh and blood.We put an air cushion for my mother-in-law, roll over every two hours.Even so, I still developed bedsores. A few years ago, under our careful care, I had three bedsores and cured them three times. With the weakening of the body’s resistance, this time the bedsores had not been cured for two years, and had decomposed to the true skin, and were blurred by flesh and blood.This time to the first time I give mother-in-law dressing, can frighten me, across the two layers of quilt smell putrid, I use hydrogen peroxide cleaning over and over again, flesh and blood, has rotten to the deep, shaped a hole, three days for a medicine I changed without authorization for two days, but still have a smell, flow thick water.Besmear unripe muscle cream, good, see mother-in-law’s luck, if an inflammation, easy to cause bad blood, endanger life.But as a vegetable, there is no pain response.Every time I clean carefully, the smell has been reduced.I really admire the tenacity of vitality, just like the dry Yang in the desert, even if there is no sign of life return, it still stands, but unlike trees, the life of the elderly can hardly become scenery.[breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][Breeze] feed into liquid Food Every time I feed my mother-in-law, I wear a mask and there is an unpleasant stench coming from her mouth.Eating is like stuffing duck, want to eat or not to eat is feeding so much, feeding is becoming more and more difficult to feed, sometimes a bowl of rice takes about an hour.A few times because feed when drink water and suffocate, the face is black, the appearance can sinister, we from the back embrace waist tight, or dozen clap back, all sorts of hands and feet ground the mother-in-law do STH over and over again, demented patient is not afraid to eat, afraid to drink water.Feeding feared for his life.At first I was filled with fear. A daughter-in-law is not a son or daughter, despite the reassurance of her sisters.There is every indication that the body is failing.Just like the dead tree in nature, the root is corroding, in a moment of time, will collapse, for this moment, the heart is still full of fear.Doctor’s words a doctor at the door is an acquaintance, saw us and said that he had seen all the patients in bed, your home took the best care of.Whenever mother-in-law fever to find him infusion, he always said, also see what, old than alive, this is better than dead, their own suffering, toss family.This is a living person, life and death are determined, she has a breath, we have to take care of.To tell you the truth, when I was taking care of my mother-in-law, I used to hear the shrill, frightening hooting of owls landing high in the trees at night and refusing to leave.Sometimes I feel like I don’t know if I’m with the living or the dead.Fortunately, MY heart is calm, not impatient, take good care of her mother-in-law, reading and writing, occasionally headlines.Always keeps her mother-in-law’s house spotless.Only long-term care of vegetative relatives, to understand the inside of the sad.My mother-in-law has been in a vegetative state for a long time. Every time I leave my hometown for a while, I always feel that the old woman has passed away for a long time.Spring Festival to take care of her mother-in-law, such as years, comprehensive weighing or bear heart.The husband comes for company, does not stretch out his hand, does not feed.If two people slack off, the old man will die and stink, who is willing to serve such an old man?When you come, do well.Without health, it is a curse rather than a blessing to be born in this world.Children spend time and money to accompany, affecting work and life, one sick, drag the whole family.Have not experienced long-term care of the old man in bed, no qualification gossiping, filial and unfilial.I take care of the elderly, not filial piety, duty for her husband, the husband should be grateful.The world is a beautiful thing, life is a beautiful thing, whether youth or old age.But having a healthy body makes a good life.The disabled mother-in-law, although she lost the ability to have a better life, we should give sincere care to the elderly, even if the sunset, let them feel is not the end of the night of life, but the starry night, that is, the glory of human nature, love them also love ourselves.Every day have the neighbor aunt of 3322 people look for me to talk, I always advise old people relax heart, take care of the body, not sick is the biggest help and support to children, it is the blessing of children, also be his blessing.I brought a lot of vacuum-packed food, some of which were not in good condition.Looking at the kind old people, I feel very close.Taking care of the elderly is a simple labor, annoying lock is true, but when it comes to some of the troubles in life, maybe nothing at all.Let us cherish life, treat yourself, the world, in addition to life and death, the rest are bushy.[breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze][breeze]