TVB’s former non-executive director Li Hsiao and his wife Lu Yanqun have died aged 98

2022-06-15 0 By

Lu Yanqun, wife of former TVB non-executive director and entrepreneur Li Xiaohe, died at home on February 12 at the age of 98, Hong Kong media reported.The radio news station in the 6 p.m. news, also confirmed the death of Lixiao and his wife.Wang Mingquan also felt sad about the death of Li Xiao and his wife. She said in an interview with the media that she had just learned about it from news reports:”The last time I met her was a few years ago when she attended the Taiwan Celebration of TWIRELESS. At that time, I came to greet her. In my impression, Li Xiaohe is a good boss and a typical lady of great family, who has a career, children and charity.In a separate obituary, Lee Yun-lin, Lee Heon-bin and Lee Yun-jin, the children of Lee Hyo-wha, said, “Madam Lu Yanqun (wife of the late Mr. Lee Hyo-wha) passed away peacefully at home on February 12, 2022.The funeral service was held in private.We thank the community for your deep concern.Hereby obituary.”TVB also posted: “Deep condolences, and to the Leigh family to send the deepest sympathy.”Mrs Lee Hyo-wha, whose real name was Lu Yanqun, married Lee Hyo-wha, son of the late businessman Lee Hysan, in 1949 and had one son and three daughters.Mr Lee, one of the founders of TVB, was the first chairman of the board of directors of TVB from 1965. Sir Run Run Shaw took over as chairman of the board after his death from a heart attack in 1980. Mrs Lee, who inherited her husband’s equity, was a non-executive director of TVB from 1981 until 2012.Over the years, both Li and his wife have appeared on TVB’s Taiwan celebration programs, dressing up in magnificent cheongsam and cutting cakes. She has also been dedicated to public welfare and was named an honorary Fellow of the University of Hong Kong.Since he and his wife stepped down as non-executive directors of TVB in 2012, there have been rumours of poor health and a visit to hospital for heart surgery.She was absent for three years before appearing again in 2017, visibly emaciated and having to cut a cake with the help of her daughter.His daughter Li Yunzhen also posted a photo with her mother celebrating her 93rd birthday in August 2018, when Li Xiaohe and his wife needed the help of family members to blow out candles.In November of the same year, Li Yunzhen posted pictures of dinner with her family, in which Li Xiao and his wife were in good spirits.Insiders revealed that Li Xiao and his wife had become weak in recent years and had to take special care of their diet. The cause of their death was old age.