Welcome the 25th provincial Games | Wulian county carefully prepare to meet the provincial transport

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Rizhao live March 15 – the 25th provincial Games are approaching, Wulian county carefully planned, orderly promotion of provincial games venue construction, competition organization, training and other work.Meng Fei, a physical education teacher from Lianhai Kindergarten, was in the volunteer working group of the wulian County executive Committee centralized office of the 25th provincial Games. She had just finished the training meeting and immediately devoted herself to the preparatory work of volunteer service for the provincial Games.Meng Fei introduced that they will select a total of 200 volunteers to carry out pre-match meetings, etiquette, venues, competitions, services and other categories of training, to form a high-quality volunteer team, to show the positive spirit of Wulian youth.In a hotel in the city, the staff of the reception department of the wulian County Executive Committee of the provincial Games stepped up preparations for the reception.”My main responsibility is to take care of the living conditions of the athletes during the competition. We checked the six hotels designated for the competition in advance to understand the reception capacity and ensure that the athletes can have enough energy for training and competition after checking in.”Provincial games Wulian County executive committee staff su Zhiqiang said.There are 32 events in the 25th Provincial Games, among which wulian County undertakes 5 events and 1 provincial para Games.According to Yuan Fanghui, a staff member of the Wulian County Executive Committee, all the competitions are from April to June, and the finals are from July to September.All of their centralized office staff will work hard and make their own contribution to the preparations for the provincial Games.(Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Wuliantai)