Gullible douyin brush single return show huiyang a woman was cheated 50 thousand yuan

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Brush douyin three hundred, meet the incident of a small video.Has it become a habit for you?As Douyin became popular, a large number of users flooded in, and many fraudsters also got involved, allowing citizens to be cheated and suffer losses.Two weeks ago, Ms. Li, who lives in Huiyang, received a call from an unknown number asking if Ms. Li wanted to work part-time, where she could easily earn extra money by following douyin.There is such a good thing, Ms. Li listened to is very enchanted.According to the link provided by the other party, Ms. Li downloaded an APP called “AA” and was prompted and guided by the customer service of the platform.With a few simple moves, Ms. Li earned dozens of yuan in commission.The task is easy to operate, and can make money, after the first taste of sweet, Ms. Li also lowered vigilance.At this time, we can do some high quality single for convenience, simple operation and higher commission.Ms Li: The so-called high quality order is to help merchants brush orders, (but) need a little working capital.To help clients invest their money.Like when you buy a stock, he sends you data and you have to buy according to his data.If you don’t buy according to the data, you will be eaten by the system.At the beginning, I tried to advance 100 yuan, which could earn 30 yuan. Then I tried to withdraw cash, and I earned 200 yuan in the morning.After the successful withdrawal, Ms. Li more firmly believe in the authenticity of this part-time job, fortunately strike while the iron is hot, and brush a single 1000 yuan, but this time because of their own carelessness, resulting in operational errors.Ms. Li: Because I was in a meeting, I ordered one at random, and it was eaten for 1000 yuan.He said it was a mistake. Then I was very nervous. He said he would consult with the merchant and returned the money to the account, a total of 1300 yuan.Operation error can return money, it seems that the platform is also very humane.Completely put down the guard of Ms. Li, in the other several “group” of friends of the group, began to throw more and more.Ms. Li: Because time was limited, I kept asking how many grades to make, and finally I chose the first grade of 8000 yuan. At that time, I needed to complete three tasks, and the money could be fully paid after the task was completed, so I invested 21800 yuan.In this way, Ms. Li was lured step by step into the brush single trap, more and more deeply.In order to return the capital, she spent 57,000 yuan in total by brushing all the three orders according to the other party’s requirements. However, at this time, the other party once again proposed that it was necessary to make the last investment to return all the original money.Ms. Li: The result said that there was another bill that needed to be invested 58,000 yuan more, but I didn’t. The money in this account is still in it, but it is only a virtual account, so it can’t be withdrawn at all. Only by manual operation can it be withdrawn by transfer.In the colleague remind below, Ms. Li found that there is something suspicious, this just wake up suddenly, found to be cheated.At present, Ms. Li has been in the area police station alarm.