National foot captain to Wuhan team for salary, said the other party did not have the good faith to fool people: owe me money when to?

2022-06-16 0 By

The Super league has not started yet, but the news around the Super League is really many.At 1 PM on February 16, Hao Junmin, the captain of China’s national football team, made a rare speech on social media, criticizing wuhan club’s unpaid wages.Hao Junmin called out in his blog that the Wuhan club owed him wages and bonuses, but also fooled him and forced him.Hao said when he joined Wuhan in the middle of last year, he didn’t ask for any money.The club has promised to settle the wage issue by the end of the year.But it’s been dragging and dragging and never materializing.Humao Junmin sadly said, for his hometown team without hesitation, give everything, but the team has no integrity.He wants both sides to respect each other.Finally, Hao Junmin also @ wuhan team boss Yan Zhi.Hao Junmin is one of the best midfielders in the Chinese national football team in the past decade, and after Zheng Zhi, he is one of the few metronome players who can connect the front and back of the field.Hao Junmin, 35, a native of Wuhan, rose to fame at Tianjin after playing for German giants Schalke 04 before returning to China to join Shandong Luneng a year later.Inspired by his hometown team, Hao left Taishan in July 2021 to join Wuhan, missing out on the shandong double championship.Hao Junmin is not only technically outstanding, but also recognized by insiders.This time, it’s probably because he was so angry that he publicly tore at his hometown team.In the past two years, Chinese Super League (CSL) teams continue to spread rumors of unpaid wages, such as the former tuhao Hebei team has been on the verge of dissolution.It is no exaggeration to say that nowadays CSL, if it does not owe wages and can pay wages on time, it is definitely a good club.The Chinese Super League has yet to set a start date for the new season, and we don’t know how many unpaid players like Hao junmin are left.One thing is for sure, the era of “stupid people with lots of money” in the Chinese Super League has passed, and the era of players making big money with their eyes closed is gone forever.Hope Hao Junmin can through reasonable and legal means, to return to their own wages.