A decline like empirical, finally a decline parents were “angry death”!

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to students’ Comics. I am the author and students will take you into the world of comics.Positive is a Chinese vocabulary, its pronunciation is shizheng, the word refers to the actual proof today and what funny thing happened, we please look forward to, a decline to continue his positive spirit, the ancients cloud, science can not be half a jin vague, qin Shihuang’s underground palace really have mercury river?A failure want to dig, people can not lick their elbows, a failure not letter, the results found really can not lick, a failure holding his chest said, “people’s intestines have a diameter of ten meters, really have such a long?” big face younger sister several people listen to quickly put aside!Kim teacher feel the world’s most painful occupation is to be a teacher, (teaching assessment, parents do not cooperate, students act, do not write homework, parents complain, heavy responsibility…….)”You are the worst students I have ever taught.” “I am so angry with you.” Well, that’s the end of this cartoon.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the student caricature big face sister report a failure, finally a failure to get a reward!Gold teacher several people help a decline defecate, the result be regarded as rascal!