Hubei Blockchain Technology Innovation Research Institute was approved to establish

2022-06-17 0 By

On April 7, it was learned from the provincial Science and Technology Department that the Hubei Blockchain Technology Innovation Research Institute was approved to set up.The institute is led by Wuhan University, jointly with China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Hubei University, Hubei University of Technology and other provincial colleges and universities and Hubei Post and Telecommunications Planning and Design Co., LTD., Wuhan Xin ‘an Luojia Technology Co., LTD., Wuhan and other security assessment Co., LTD., matrix Element Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.The core team of Hubei Blockchain Technology Innovation Research Institute is composed of many professors and experts from Wuhan University.The team has been committed to scientific research in trusted computing and information system security for years. It has completed the construction method of trusted cloud environment and evaluation method of trusted cloud. At the same time, it has applied artificial intelligence and other emerging industrial technologies to the research work of Internet of Things security and blockchain security.In the national secret algorithm design and implementation, blockchain technology and application and security protocol design and analysis and other research in the forefront of the country.The development of blockchain industry in Hubei province is in a fast starting stage.In industries and development, to form a set up the wuhan east lake high-tech zone block chain alliance, the construction of the chain in optical valley block the space, has gathered more than 110 blocks, chain enterprises, have sprung up cloud valley chain chain of science and technology, science and technology, yuan chain block chain, winner financial world, everyone is chain, micro BeiYun gen, day yu information, smiling face a number of characteristics of block chain technology such as science and technology research and development and application of enterprise,Industrial development is in the forefront of the central region.Reporters learned that the institute will focus on block chain field frontier technology research and development, the breakthrough block chain across chain communication technology, intelligent technology, security technology, contract supervision and privacy protection technology core key technologies, such as block chain drive chain professionals, the block chain market main body, driving the development of chain block industry in hubei province.Through 3 years of construction, we will strive to make breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies in the field of blockchain-related technologies, form 100 knowledge achievements, form 100 solutions, train 1,000 blockchain professionals, build 10 innovation platforms, build 10 public service platforms, cultivate 10 enterprises, and build 100 industry-university-research cooperation projects.