Qu hai stressed during his investigation in Taojiang County: “We must grasp both hands and win both hands in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

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On April 7, Qu Hai, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, visited Taojiang County to investigate epidemic prevention and control, early rice production, enterprise operation and other work.Qu stressed that efforts should be made to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and to win with both hands.Municipal standing committee, municipal secretary General Huang Daoan, Vice Mayor Yang Zhihua participated in the investigation.Qu first visited pingdong Expressway Taohuajiang Town epidemic prevention and control Advisory service station to express condolences to the personnel on duty and learn about the epidemic prevention and control situation of the service station in detail.Qu stressed that epidemic prevention and control is still the top priority in the current work, and it is necessary to raise vigilance, strengthen the control of the epidemic, adhere to the general policy of “dynamic zero-out”, and adhere to the “foreign import, domestic spread” unswerving.The standardization of service station facilities should be strengthened, and logistical support for frontline epidemic prevention workers should be effectively done.While guarding checkpoints at the site, we should do a solid job in epidemic prevention on the surface, adhere to the mechanism of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and treatment, continue to carry out “knock on the door action”, build the strictest prevention and control system, and strive to achieve the maximum effect of prevention and control with the minimum cost.In taohuajiang town huayudong village thousand mu demonstration field, Qu Hai and grain farmers friendly talk, a detailed understanding of early rice seedling, agricultural machinery socialized service, pesticide and fertilizer use, arable land fertility and other conditions.Qu hai stressed that efforts should be made to stabilize the area, increase output, ensure quality and ensure food security.We will continue to give priority to ecological development and pursue green development. We will continue to cultivate crops in a scientific way. We will further reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and increase their efficiency.We need to promote improved crop varieties and methods, take comprehensive and effective measures to improve farmland soil, and grow more green and high-quality grain.In taojiang Bamboo Industrial Demonstration Park, Qu Hai walked into wanwei bamboo production workshop and inspected the production and operation of enterprises on the spot.Qu hai stressed that to vigorously support the development of taojiang bamboo industry, the bamboo industry into taojiang “one county, one special” leading industry.We should seize the opportunity, give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, do a good job in the cultivation of bamboo resources and the construction of bases, build a “peasant household + base + cooperative” model, improve the bamboo industrial chain, further increase farmers’ income and village collective economic income, and drive rural revitalization with industry.We should excavate bamboo culture, make bamboo articles live, promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and strive to build a strong county of bamboo industry.In Guochen High-tech Industrial Park, Hunan Bomingying Optical Technology Co., LTD., And Hunan Forde Electric Co., LTD., Qu Hai stressed that the responsibilities of local authorities, departments, units and individuals should be tightened to ensure that all prevention and control systems and requirements are implemented in enterprises.The government should publicize and implement policies to help enterprises solve problems in epidemic prevention and control and production development, minimize the impact of the epidemic on their production and operation, ensure normal production and operation of enterprises, and strengthen their confidence in development.He called for good operation models to be put to good use, more high-quality enterprises to be introduced, industrial and supply chains to be further stabilized, enterprises to be bigger and stronger, and both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development to be achieved.(Originally published in Yiyang Daily 2022-04-08, A01)