Wow!!!!Good news from the South Research Institute!

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Recently by the strict audit and evaluation authority of CMMI certification team in kirin kechuang garden division nanjing high-speed information institute (hereinafter referred to as “south institute”) successfully passed CMMI3 certification marking the south institute in such aspects as software development, project management service delivery maintained with international technical standards of advanced level understand CMMICMMI full name CapabiLity Maturity Model Integration is a software capability Maturity assessment standard developed by software process improvement and software development management experts worldwide organized by software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, which has been promoted and implemented worldwide for four years.Is mainly used for guiding the improvement of the software development process and software development capability assessment, is currently the most authoritative international software industry to measure enterprise software engineering development capability evaluation index, it represents the software engineering field of the world’s most authoritative qualification accreditation and certification standards, is also the industry measure engineering software enterprises as an important symbol of development ability and competitiveness.Since its establishment in 2020, the Nanjing Institute of Information High-speed Railway has developed the “Information High-speed Railway” plan to meet the development needs of the IT3.0 era of human, machine and material triple information society.Committed to IT3.0 smart things connected age information infrastructure related theory research, key technology and development, the core equipment, system construction and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer platform, promote the construction of the first domestic cloud – net – edge – the integration of collaborative work force infrastructure proving ground, high-speed information comprehensive test infrastructure, provide pilot platform for new infrastructure.At present, the Institute has built an open laboratory of information high-speed railway with complete end-to-end, edge-network-cloud system, formulated a series of RESEARCH and development standards and management process specifications, and cooperated with dozens of scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises and institutions to provide services.Source: Nanjing Information High-speed Railway Research Institute