Zto Bus: all 40 hydrogen fuel buses will be stationed in the Zhangjiakou Core Competition area of the Winter Olympics

2022-06-17 0 By

Zhongtong Bus Winter Olympics service team since entering the Zhangjiakou Competition area, in addition to doing a good job in the competition area vehicle security, but also carried out a number of professional knowledge training, strongly promoted the winter Olympics service security work in an all-round and orderly manner.On January 21, zTO bus service team was invited again to receive a special training — hydrogen fuel bus structure principle and emergency rescue theory training for the fire fighters who participated in the emergency rescue of Zhangjiakou Competition area of winter Olympics.With only two weeks to go before the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 40 Zhongtong hydrogen fuel buses have been deployed to the zhangjiakou Core competition area of the Winter Olympic Games, and all the vehicles have been fully inspected and tested.On January 17, zhongtong bus field service support team received an invitation from the zhangjiakou core competition area fire department, requiring its fire fighters to carry out hydrogen fuel vehicle structure principle and other professional theoretical knowledge training.After receiving the demand of the fire department, zhongtong coach on-site service support team total scheduling zhen-jie zhao first collaboration site support team member docking confirm the specific requirements for many times, and from the vehicle technology principle, structure features, installation and other characteristics, combined with the fire emergency rescue work requirements, overnight made training courseware.And in the following days, after several rounds of confirmation, modification, to ensure that the training courses meet the theoretical needs of fire fighters.On the afternoon of January 21, in the headquarters of the core division of Zhangjiakou Competition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Zhongtong Bus, as the enterprise representative of the vehicle service guarantee of the Winter Olympic Games, carried out a hydrogen fuel vehicle hydrogen filling, storage and supply system for more than 100 fire fighters in Zhangjiakou Competition area through on-site and video link.Hydrogen fuel cell engine, power battery and other vehicle key systems and corresponding emergency rescue skills training.Through this training, the fire fighters in the zhangjiakou core competition area have further mastered the structural principles of hydrogen fuel buses and enriched their theoretical knowledge of the safety emergency guarantee of the Winter Olympics.At the same time, since January 12, zTO Bus service support team has organized four batches of special training for 300 drivers in Zhangjiakou Race area who undertake transportation support tasks, including theory and practical operation, which has improved drivers’ understanding of hydrogen fuel cell buses and improved their control skills.And further ensure the smooth hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will kick off on February 4. Zto hydrogen fuel buses will serve as media vehicles to shuttle between venues and news centers, broadcasting the latest sports events and broadcasting the world’s voice.Escort the Winter Olympics, cheering China, zhongtong bus has been in action!Edit: Little tank