Daying County Xiangshan town: The Lantern Festival civilization volunteer care warm people

2022-06-18 0 By

Xiangshan Town, Daying County:In order to inherit the spirit of traditional Chinese festivals, carry forward the spirit of traditional Chinese filial piety, let the old people of the town nursing home have a happy, peaceful, warm Lantern Festival, February 15, Daying County Xiangshan town carefully organized the “festival is civilized volunteer care line” activities,More than 20 town organ branch party members and volunteers will laughter and care for the care of the elderly home.In the nursing home, the volunteers for the elderly package dumplings, volunteers you a “pine crane changchun”, he a “longevity and health” to the red sugar filling named blessing, package into the dumplings, will be the most sincere blessing in this special way to the elderly people in the nursing home.Volunteers also picked up the broom carefully for the old people in the nursing home cleaning, intimate for the old people fold bedding.When the volunteers were working, the old people from time to time came forward to express their gratitude to the volunteers. The volunteers also took this opportunity to ask the old people about their physical condition, food, clothing, housing and transportation, and care about the old people’s life, and told them to contact the volunteers in time if they had difficulties and needs in life.Volunteers invited the elderly dance team for the old people in the nursing home to perform songs and dances, volunteers and the elderly sit together, with them chat, watch the program.After the activity, the volunteers have said that the smile on the face of the elderly in the nursing home is the most precious feedback they participate in the activity, in the future will also continue this love, this respect for the elderly, the spirit of love to continue.