Fletcher class destroyer

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Fletcher class destroyer basic parameters, length: 114.8 meters, broadside: 12 meters, draft: 3.81 meters, displacement: 2100 tons (standard) 3050 tons (full load), speed: 38 nodes, crew: 353 people, power system for two high-performance steam turbines and four oil-fired boilers, the use of double-shaft double-propeller propulsion power is strong.Main equipment:5 x single 127mm high-flat dual-purpose gun, capable of supplying ammunition to the turret at a rate of 24-30 rounds/min, 350 rounds for each gun, 1750 rounds for the entire ship (later 3025 rounds), 1-2 x five 533mm torpedo tubes, 3 x twin 40mm Bofors machine guns,The 7-10 x single-barrel 20mm erlikon machine gun can carry up to 60 Mark6 deep rounds.The avionics system is a QC sonar with a detection range of 3300 meters and an accuracy of 14 degrees.One SG sea-to-sea search radar with a target detection range of 41 km and a range of 30 km against torpedo boats and floating submarine control towers;An SC-1 air search radar, with a maximum air detection range of 120.7 km (for bombers flying at an altitude of 1000 m), ranging accuracy of 90 m and Angle measuring accuracy of 5 degrees.Fletcher class was the most representative destroyer in the US Navy during World War II. It was not only fast, maneuverable, well-equipped and powerful, but also built an astonishing 175 ships in the end. After complete industrialization, the United States mobilized all the productive forces and was so horrible that it almost crushed all the countries in the world.The Fletcher-class is protected by STS fragmentation armor steel (7-13mm thick) on its bridge, main gun turret, and main gun fire control tower, which effectively protects the crew and itself in the harsh Conditions of the Pacific Ocean, where the percentage of fragments and bullets flying in the battlefield is quite high.Fletcher class destroyer of power systems is also worth said, four Bob corker, Wilcox notes the company production of M type single pass heavy oil burning boiler, turbine, adopted two general electric company production of high-performance steam turbine, the same distribution in two separate cabin, turbine output is 60000 horsepower, total power at the corresponding level ships maximum design speed section 37.8,The maximum speed is 35.1 knots, the endurance is 4800 nautical miles /15 knots, the whole ship carries 491 tons of heavy oil, the light cavalry on the sea belongs to.Its main task is to serve as the fleet’s air defense alert and anti-submarine operations;Instead of acting as a convoy destroyer, the convoy fleet usually only has escort aircraft carriers and destroyers, and its high speed can even carry out the task of driving out torpedo boats.The Fletcher class is equipped with five Mk12 high-flat dual-purpose guns, weighing 1.81 tons, with a barrel length of 4.826 meters and a barrel life of 4,600 rounds.Bore pressure 2835 kg/cm2, rifling 46;Muzzle speed of 792 m/s, single gun battle rate of 15 rounds/min, the maximum range of 16km, the maximum fire height of 11km, can fire high shells, armor breaking shells, flares and so on.Three twin 40mm Bofors machine guns, which were standard anti-aircraft guns on Allied warships during World War II, are advanced and mechanically reliable. They weigh 0.522 tons and have a barrel length of 2.25 meters.Muzzle speed of 881 m/s, maximum rate of fire of 160 rounds/min;Maximum range 10km, maximum fire height 7km;It was first guided by the Mk49 fire control unit and later replaced by the Mk51 fire control unit.7-10 single-barrel 20mm Ericon machine guns, this medium-short range anti-aircraft weapon weighs 0.068 tons and has a length of 1.4 meters.Muzzle velocity 844 m/s, maximum rate of fire 450 rounds/min;Maximum range 4km, maximum fire height 3km;These anti-aircraft weapons were of considerable use against Japanese kamikaze suicide squads.In addition to the gun, the Fletcher class is also equipped with a 1-2 x five-pack 533mm torpedo tube to launch Mk15 thermal torpedoes. The warhead is loaded with 374kg high explosive charge. The speed is 45 knots, and the range is related to the speed of 13,700m /26.5 knots, 9,140m /37.5 knots, and 5,450m /45 knots, lagging behind the Japanese torpedo at that time.- There will also be collisions with ships that don’t explode, if you want a good hit you have to get as close as possible, it’s no different from melee.And of course the most important depth charges, even on the battlefield against submarines big kill, anti-submarine weapon is not like now so advanced at that time, basically, only a handful of weapons and equipment, rely mainly on anti-submarine depth charges on the track 2, booster type depth charge catapult six, hedgehog play what was invented in the future.The Fletcher class has 14 watertight bulkheads and 7 oil tight bulkheads, plus American damage control, and 4 to 6 groups of life rafts, 2 to 3 on each side, 2 in each group, stacked together.Each liferaft is equipped with 2 survival cables, 2 emergency storage tanks and 1 pair of OARS, the whole ship’s battlefield survivability is quite strong.